I remembered her...

When I was still in the university, I have this class mate who also working as a model and an actress of several soap operas.

She, without a doubt is very beautiful. She even looks more beautiful when you see her in person. She has this beautiful soft and radiant skin. Her long hair makes her look more gorgeous. She was tall and slim… Well, a perfect picture.

I did not pay too much attention. If that famous person was a male, maybe I would not be able to take my eyes off him. She attended a class together with me. And one day, she sat next beside me. I was coughing from catching a cold. She noticed that and then suddenly she informed about a traditional medicine to cure the coughing. I was surprised and felt a bit embarrassed. Previously I thought she was probably a snob and here she offering her help. And I was not even asked her help. 

Then a few days later, she sat not beside me but still close. She borrowed a pen from me for writing something. And you know what…after that…she looked up and asked around,” Eh, whose pencil is this?”
Again, I was like…WHAT? So, you just pretend to be nice? You did not want everybody stamped you as being snob since you are an actress. So, you smile a lot and talked nice… But, actually you pay attention to nobody but yourself.

Years later, I read in the newspaper she managed to enter the parliament and now is a member there. Wondering what the heck she does actually? Flashing her big smile to anyone and probably doing nothing? Then again, she has that ability to talk in front of many people without a slight of nervousness. Smile that mega watt smile of hers to others. She knew how to make people listen to her otherwise they would not choose her, right? In the end, I am not surprise anymore she even make it to that position.

I just hope she really does her work and not become another faces in that position. 
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Psstt.. Riaa.. siapa tuh mantan teman sekampus eloo? :D

  2. bridge Says:

    pssst Indah...., I think you know who she is now...

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