Initiation aka hazing

When I was a lot younger, I love corresponding and collecting stamps. Postal office often published a complete series of lovely stamps which were cool for collection. So, there I was with my mother asking one of the staff to provide me with the stamps. The staff seems a new guy as I have never seen him before. He seems agitated and nervous especially seeing me (a high school kid) looking at him as if he was a total moron. My Mom nudged me then she whispered that I need to be patient. After that guy went to the other room in that post office to get my stamps, my Mom told me that I should not be impatient with him.

“But why?” I asked my Mom not satisfied. “He works here in the post office …he should have known whatever I ask about…”

My Mom looking at the other staffs behind the counter,” Pay more attention… Look…, those gentlemen usually the one who helped you, right? Now, they seem to let that new guy to handle the entire requests… The senior staffs always do that to the new recruits… They love watching the newbie get snapped by the customers…”

I started to look more closely. Yeah, my Mom was right. Those people who just sit there were usually the one who handle my stamps order. Now, they were smirking at each other looking at the newbie sweat with me…a school girl. Who asked a lot of stamps series which he has no clue about. After a while, the new guy brought all the stamps series that I have asked…and looked so relieved when I bought them all. A month later, there was no trace of nervousness in that new staff. He looked calm listening to all my requests and spent few minutes only. 

Starting from school until we entered working place, there unofficial thing called the initiation or if escalated into something worst, we know them as hazing process.

I remembered when I entered Junior and Senior High School up to the university. We have to bring vegetables in ridiculous form (like you have to bring a couple of bananas no longer than 35 centimeters or something crazy like that). We have to do whatever our senior told us to do. One time they told us to bring any kind of chocolates and they assure us that the chocolate will be eaten by all of us. It turn out they put all the chocolates under the blazing sun so all of them were melted. After that they told us to put blinds covering our eyes then we have to give the chocolate to each other. You can imagine what a mess all our faces were…covered with melted chocolates.

In the university, the initiation taken in two places, in the university’s building and previously we all have to go camping. Lots of newbie begged their parents to send sick letters to the university so they do not have to go. That was my first and last experience on camping, because…well…I am just not a camping-type of person. We have to get up early in the morning, joined the morning exercises. But the most torturing moment was the water so terribly dirty. Even though I took shower every after noon with my friends, I still got rash all over my body after finished that crazy camping trip.

The senior always loves making everything a bit hard with the newbie. Why? Because they feel…hey, I have to go through this process as well… So, how on earth you want to skip this process? We want you to respect us, the senior. Seniority is important otherwise you will have no manner. Besides, this is the chance for you to make bond with your friends because you are all in this together…

Bleh… From my point of view…that process is a completely waste of times. We have no respect whatsoever to the senior. And since we are unable to take revenge for the worst things they did upon us, we took our vengeance to the newbie. And they will repeat the vicious circle to another newbie and so on… Even until they are entering the adult’s world…

We just creating next generation fill with anger and hatred and the need to lash that out to someone else…
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Bener bangets.. apa poinnya sih sikat gigi rame2 githuu? Iihh.. ntar khan bisa kena sakit mulut dllsb, huhuhu..

    Kalo intinya buat membangun kebersamaan, apa ngga ada cara lain githuu?

    Ini siklus yang bakal terus berulang karena ngga ada yang rela untuk ngga memberikan "pelajaran" pada anak2 baru tentang apa yang dulu pernah mereka rasakan.

  2. bridge Says:

    obviously the feeling to satisfy our revenge fall into the newbie. They are still new..., they have to do all our biddings and unable to fight back a tradition.... Silly tradition, IMHO...

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