It is easy to be said than done

You know that once I posted about when sometimes we were so tired try to give advice to your friends in order for them to get out from not so healthy relationship…? Or about when people disagree with us does not mean they dislike us…

 Someone gave response to me that it is easy for me to say such things because at that time I was not in the same situation like those people… If I have not been in the same experience then it will be easy for me to give many logical advices… 
It is true…when related about a relationship. I currently not in a relationship or being intoxicated with someone… Therefore how in the heck I understand what my friend has been going through with her companion? But, actually I do know that desperate feeling on being sure that this relationship has a meaning… That we against all odds wish that this relationship does not come apart… And since we know the agony of that broken dream, we do not want our friends waste anymore times with unhealthy relationship. How do we know is unhealthy? Well, if she keeps on crying all the times with us about her relationship…do you think is still healthy? But, of course I know that at that time we do not need someone that give advice against our will… In the end, again is up to us… what action should we take…no matter what people said to us…

The other one…well, this is a bit funny… Yeah, yeah… I know I was the one who said if people disagree with us then it does not mean they hate us…
Last week I made a review (in Indonesian) about Eclipse. I dislike the Bella character but I enjoyed reading the book… I think Stephenie Meyer did a great job… So, I just wrote the outline and in the end I said…I like seeing that movie just to see Taylor Lautner… Then I have a response from 19 years old boy who said that he did not understand why people so into TWILIGHT SAGA as they all are bad movies with poor acting’s quality… As for me, I never see those movies as something to be taken so serious… So, we finally end up in (silly…IMHO) argument until I decided to stop answering his response… What made smile in the end, why I got the feeling that he hate me because I merely WATCHED the movie? Did he has any expectation that I will not see that movie? Even just to see the male characters? Maybe I am not mature enough to handle argument so I get the feeling that he dislike me just because he disagree with me?

Again… It is easier to give advice than do it yourself…

Now, I know the feeling  ^___^
4 Responses
  1. blackhuff Says:

    Yes, it is easier to give advice than living as an example
    Have a look at my blog, I have tagged you ;)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    don't ever give up to give me advice bri, i need other's people point of view. Have a good day!!! -Wei-

  3. bridge Says:

    I always check at your blog because I have been a subscriber ;)

    Ooooowww...., how sweet :)

  4. twistygirl Says:

    It's sometimes easier to give advice to someone else because you are not as involved in the situation, so you can see the problems / solutions more clearly

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