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I have this acquaintance who always likes to fight or argue almost about everything. She loves the excitement to argue with people and definitely loves to win…

Like for example, she got fined because she was late in paying for her credit card’s usage. She then, called the customer service and started her argument that she does not want to pay the fine. The reason she was late as she did not receive the billing notification on time. She screamed and I did not know what else she was saying… Then she put the phone and smiled widely at me… She got what she want… She said all she has to do just close her credit card… I asked her did she really get the bill notification late? I was not surprise when she said it did not/

The other time, she got into heated argument as again she was fined. This time was with another credit card provider. According to the credit card company, she was fined because she was late in transferring the payment. Since she used different bank, the payment process took more than a day. And if you guess that she did the payment on the very last day of the deadline…then you are so right… Naturally she said she want to close her credit card because they have been a disappointment. And yes, the fine was waived.

Then she asked me whether I could help her get a new credit card, the same with I have been using. I flatly rejected her request.

“But why?” she asked me with bewildered look. “Wouldn’t that be good for you to bring them another new customer?”

“Not when you start screaming at them about not having billing notification on time, or about you have no idea that it takes more than one day to process the payment, or you demands them to give you more gifts…,” I rolled my eyes. “They are going to kill me…slowly…” 

I think is good that you are a fighter and willing to do anything to get what you want… But, I also think as an employee…and put myself in the customer service’s position. If I have to deal with just oneeee freaky customer like her…I think I will have a heart attack. And therefore, I am not going to be responsible in killing someone else by recommend her to be their new customer…

I am her friend, I accept her just like she accept me for whatever flaws we have… She is just not a very good customer…
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  1. blackhuff Says:

    You get very nice people indeed but when they are a customer, they tend to be very rude and not nice at all - such a shame :(

  2. bridge Says:

    not all people like that... Sometimes they are nice both inside and outside... Of course, it is different when facing with your own friend and with (probably an annoying)customer service

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