Over the pride

You who all have been reading my diary online must have known with my fascination with lie, right?

Anyway, even though I spent my entire life just being a small time clerk… I never thought of lying about it just to make it sound so important. So every people will think that I was this big shot in this company where I have been working for ages. So every people will feel envy at me because I have facilities from the office such as house, car, etc, etc.

Once my Mom asked me is it true that my office give the above facilities to their employee. The reason she asked as someone that she know was telling everybody that her son got all of that. She told them her son working in the same office with me, but probably in another department as his name does not ring a bell. When I told my Mom that the office where I have been working do not give that kind of facilities, she keep on insisting.

“Maybe because you are still a clerk? “

Well, that hit a button, alright.

“Mom, the office will never ever going to give their employee a house, a car… To any staffs in any kind of positions… They do however give out loans that we HAVE TO pay with interest…” I replied irritated.

I have no idea which one who was lying. Either way, I was thinking what if I did not work there. They could keep on bragging on and on…and everybody would have just bought it because they do not know the real situation.

Of course I can not judge those people who want to sound so important in front of others. I have to admit that I too not too proud with myself and my work. But I simply just do not want to talk much about it. And not give all the crap about how I get free house, free cars as I am someone important. As for me, if someone else then break out the truth to the people I lied to…wouldn’t that be embarrassing? And worse, people that I lied to would have their laugh until the end of time… Other possibilities, they will not believe to anything we tell them… 

Embarrassed may be…, idiot yes probably…, but better have a long thinking before lying almost about everything…
3 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Hehehe.. kadang khan orang kalo udah bohong tentang satu hal, haru bikin series of bohong2 berikutnya, ahahaha :D

  2. mpokb Says:

    bilangin ke ibunda, kalau seluruh staf dikasih fasilitas rumah atau mobil, bangkrut dong perusahaan.. :)

  3. bridge Says:

    @Indah bukan gitu Indah... Maksud gue, orang itu kadang suka melebih2kan dirinya, padahal dia gak punya apa2.... mungkin karena minder

    @MpokB : Yeah, I told her that....eventually. I told her that a company want to seek profit only and there is no way they are going to give free houses and cars... Unless is family's company, perhaps?

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