One of the episodes in Fringe is about a scientist who try desperately to get back to the past. Her fiancée died due to car accident after having an argument with him. All he wants to do is to say how sorry he is for the argument. He did not want his fiancée died thinking that he hates her. His regret is so deep makes him willing to do or try anything just to get a chance for an apology.

Regrets occurred when we feel bad about something that has been done or said, either upon ourselves or to other people. We wish that we have never done or said such things as it hurt other people. The worst part we did not have the chance to express our regrets as perhaps that person has gone or passing. Everything has already been too late for us to do anything.

Isn’t that scary to hear that word? Regret? As if we have no chance to make amends of the wrong doings… If we choose the wrong path in life, we loose all the years wasted… If we said or do something wrong to other people then we won’t be ever to take it back and hurt them already.

(In the old days, folk stories telling us about children doing wrong things and in the end cursed by their parents. The cursed applied and some of the parents regret they ever put the curse on their children. But what has been said unable to be taken back. Nowadays, sometimes emotionally parents sort of wishing their children to have bad life just because their kids will not follow their advice)

Though in life we sometimes unable to avoid doing the wrong things or said the unforgiving words…we should not stop just of having regrets. Maybe in a short time we would not know what to do to amends our doings. I suppose when we have done wrong to other people we should not let our pride win by not saying our apology. If we have done the wrong things for ourselves then at least we knew that we alone to be blamed. After that, rather than wasting time to keep on regrets our mistaken…we should move on and find away to make it right. Easier to said than done, of course. But, at least we try to do so.  
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  1. ge siahaya Says:

    Hmm.... cukup lama gw mencoba mencernanya... Regret(s), i have some.. But again, if i have to undo them, i'm affraid i could lose what already is. So... maybe things are supposed to be like it is right now. I guess i will do with no undo button, but still wondering, wahahaha... gawat juga tuh =))

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Perhaps the key to not having regrets are to take the positive out of the situation, learn the lesson that was taught and take it with you into the future.

  3. bridge Says:

    I have many regrets but only one that I wish to undo (the one that I told you on your FB's profile)... Others..., well... it stop on the wondering button... :)

  4. bridge Says:

    I guess we may have our regrets but try not to stay on wondering what would have been or otherwise... But prepare ourselves to look up and move on :) Thanks for visiting

  5. RuYanda Says:

    Regret - one of the things in life that I'm afraid of. Sometimes I wonder if I'll end up regretting after saying yes or no. It sure is tiring to be cautious but life goes on.

    I like this part (suits my current way of thinking over things) :
    "After that, rather than wasting time to keep on regrets our mistaken…we should move on and find away to make it right."

  6. bridge Says:

    I think in our life, we will not be able to avoid mistakes that we may makes ... But hopefully, we will have strength to forget our mistakes and move on to amends them...

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