In Indonesia having tattoo in the old days…would make people automatically assume that you are a wanted criminal or someone involve in crime… Tattoo in the big city never considered as a form of art though many ethnic groups in Indonesia having typical tattoos as part of their heritage.

If let us say you were teenagers living in Indonesia and like to have tattoo for fun, you would find many difficulties when entering the adult life. If you wish to apply for work in the office, when the doctor perform medical examination on you and find out that you have tattoo…please rest assure that you would not get the job. You would be labeled as a bad boy or bad girl and therefore should never be given a chance to enter the society.

Me? I like seeing tattoo but never imagine to have one on me. Maybe because I have seen what would happen to that tattoo on the old skin who obviously not as smooth as twenty years before. My uncle who has one on his arm…showed that ugly example how tattoo would look like in the old age… And since that on, I never really want one stuck on me.

Then, around 2001 my friend introduced me to temporary tattoo and I think it was fun. It will only take around two weeks before the temporary tattoo disappeared from my skin. And since that on, I sort of addicted to the temporary tattoo. I am a kind of person who get bored easily and temporary tattoo is good for me. Beside having temporary tattoo while we are on holiday is so much fun…  We really open minded to everything including having those tattoos in several unusual areas… Heheheheh (Not me, though….honest!) 

I guess the reason why I do not like permanent tattoo is because I don’t like something permanent stuck with me forever. As silly as it sounds, but permanent tattoo for me is like having a commitment on something. And that my friend, is something I give very rarely to several people in this world… 
2 Responses
  1. blackhuff Says:

    I agree with you - the idea of having something on my body forever freaks me out because there is no way that I will ever be able to afford to remove it. So no tattoos for me as well.

  2. bridge Says:

    I can appreciate tattoo as a form of art, as long as not stuck with me forever

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