Vacation plan ahead...

I hardly ever travel on my own so I never really know what things I should bring and should not.

My first traveling without my parent was around year 2001. My friend said that she wanted to go to Bali and asked me to go with her. I was excited of course but a bit confuse what to bring on my very first vacation. So, I brought almost about everything. Formal dress (have no idea up to now what good that would do), several jeans, lots of t-shirts and even accessories…! When I left home to Bali I brought this big suitcase with me. Then after the holiday, I brought two suitcases as the one that I have already unable to contain things that I bought from Bali.

After several visits to and from Bali, I finally realized things that I should bring. If I want to go to the beach for a week, then things I should bring are :

  1. Sandal or flip flop
  2. Sunglasses… (for taking photos of course….heheheh)
  3. White t-shirts obviously, just bring a few
  4. Few short pants (anything but jeans…it will melted you away)
  5. Lotion for sun block
  6. Lotion for after burn (trust me, you will need this as well)
  7. Scarf to cover your head to protect your hair from the blazing sun
  8. Sling bag to bring anything you need
  9. Fabric cloth to be used for anything you want…
  10. If you plan to go somewhere fancy at night, then a decent dress will do ….
  11. Toothbrush, shampoo, soap, towel probably provided by five stars hotel. But if you stay at a guest house or motel then there is nothing wrong to bring them by yourself. Bring those in the small form so it will be easier to carry.

And after I put all of that in my suitcase…, surprise… I do not event need a big suitcase! Just a small one and even there is enough space to bring something from the vacation for people back home.

No wonder we have to know exact situation and weather whenever we want to go out of the city…
My friend who constantly out of the country due to her work, already know what she should bring for a day or two… Which means she will not bring all from her closet and get fined due to over baggage.

So, now after I gain some knowledge…where is my next destination?

(hhehehehe…planning ahead is better)

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