When will be your turn?

Being single in the age of 37 is not an easy thing to do. Many people poking their nose around thinking that they can give good advice to me on how to live my life. Lots of them did not realize that they are being totally rude and aggressive. And sometimes I am a bit tired of making phony faces and being polite to them.

The following story below is something that I really imagining myself doing to those rude people… I got this story from forwarding email long time ago:
I am so annoyed that people especially the elderly who keep on asking me when will be my turn every time I attend a wedding party. They would look at me sniggering then pointing to the happy couple and asking that boring question,” So, when will be your turn?” And then they have their laughs.

Finally I have my revenge. There was this funeral that we all have to attend to. I saw them all the noisy elderly. So, after the funeral ceremony was over I walked to them. I grin the same grin as them, and then popped the question while glancing to the grave, “Soooo…, when will be your turn?”

It was very effective. None of them asked me when will be my turn to get married.

I still laugh every time I read that story.

Naturally I can’t say that because not only that will be sound so rude… And not to mention they are going to curse me into a toad for the next seven generations. Kidding… Though, once in a while I really, really, want to say that to those people who keep on asking me that question. 
4 Responses
  1. emang susah ya...kadang2 kalo melajang itu suka dianggap gimana gitu..padahal kalo kita happy, so what...hehhee..mesti cuek banget deh ngadepin yg nanya2 gitu.

  2. bridge Says:

    kalau lagi sendiri sih, saya belagak budeq....tapi suka kasian kalau mereka ngomong gitu di depan2 Nyokap atau Bokap....

  3. Indah Says:

    I grin the same grin as them, and then popped the question while glancing to the grave, “Soooo…, when will be your turn?”

    Huahahahahahahaha.. itu sebenernya pertanyaan yang kasar sih, wakakakakakk :p

  4. bridge Says:

    of course is a rude question :D
    That is why I said, no matter how tempting I want to say that....I still manage to just say it inside my heart :D

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