Another hospital's story

I do grateful that my Father worked in a place that has given him and his wife (that is my Mother) a good health insurance. Meaning, he and my mother are entitle to be patient in a certain room (one room with two patients) in the hospital. This room located in the fourth floor in one of many buildings in this hospital. Since there is not enough space for visitors, two years ago my Dad decided to put my Mother in another room which he has to pay the excess charges that included all fees for the room and medicines. In that room, the location is on ground floor. Therefore we the visitors does not need to use the lift or else the stairs for that matter. And there is terrace outside the room where patient will be able to sit enjoy the morning sun and plus the sunset as well.

However, my Father has totally resigned from the office and therefore we all decided to use whatever room provided by the insurance. In this way, we do not have to pay for the excess charges and only need to pay several medicines that the insurance do not cover.

What we are surprise to find that the nurses on the-so-called cheaper room are much nicer than the room with higher prices. Even my niece remembered it only too well when two years ago, my Father admitted to that room. He tried to call the nurse to help him with something. They keep on saying, they would be there, and then they tell to him wait and the next thing they ordered him to be patient. In the end, they never came.

When my Mom was admitted to this-so-called cheaper room, the service was totally different. When we called the nurse, it took them only several minutes to respond on our request. Or, if they saw the lamp blinking when we called the nurse from their station, the other nurse who sort of on patrol would contact their colleague informing that they will take over. There were only once or twice they did not come on time when we ask for their help.

Not just that, those nurses are patient enough to listen to my Mom’s chats. It was totally different with those nurses from room with the higher rates. They mostly impatient, sarcastic and even can be considered rude. At first, I thought it was because we use insurance from my Father’s company. But then, we noticed that they did the same things to other patient who paid the charges with their own money.

From that experience, I realized that something more expensive does not guarantee that you will get a better service. 

Of course, I have no idea if we are staying at VIP room in the hospital and we have never had any intention to do so…

Who want to plan to get sick and spend their money in the hospital just to find out the service quality?
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