Between closed and open doors

Me and my friend are now into searching quotes to be placed on our twitter account or Facebook’s. We want to have something to remind us about life, its struggle and well… you know…

Then, just now I found this quote:
When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us – from Alexander Graham Bell.

It sort of hit me right in my heart because I am that kind of person.

   Like for example, I am in desperate need to buy this medicine. To have this medicine I need money. Therefore I try to find work to earn money in order to get that medicine. But according to my boss my work is not giving good result. So, if previously he was about to pay me 100, but due to my poor job I only receive half of it. I am sooo disappointed thinking that a door has been closed for me… I keep on moaning over my failure and blaming myself, blaming the condition, blaming all people around me… I need to be angry and can’t get over that failure… I busied myself thinking what have I done? Where did exactly my wrong doings? Why I could not accomplish thing that I have been planning to reach? Why oh why? Even, after the boss offers me to work over time and there would be extra cash enough to cover the price of that medicine…I did not take it… I am too busy to worry about thing that has passed me and ignore the other arriving opportunity. In the end, I get nothing…

Is not that I do not realize my bad habit… It is not only effectively destroying my spirit but successfully drive people away from me… People that actually want to help but feel reluctant after seeing my moaning and complaining. I can keep on doing that forever… Don’t know why I feel I need to be angry to get more strength to deal with another failure in the future. See?  I am even planning to fail again in the future… Not only once but more to come… I feel there is no way my condition is going to get better… In fact I am pretty sure it going to get worse… I convince myself that there will be no way out and I am just going to drop dead on the street…. Kinda depressing, right?

Anyway…, within this posting I do want to say thank you to my friends who have been very patient with me as always during my darkest mood…

Failed to open one door, does not mean we should just stop in trying to get another door to be opened… Who knows? Maybe it will opened to us and give better result than we ever expected…

2 Responses
  1. o Says:

    " I am even planning to fail again in the future…"
    yeah.. i think we talked about this years ago :) when i just read "the secret" book. planning to fail is different from being prepared for the worse.. i hope we as your friends can remind you again and again to always look for open doors no matter how many doors have been closed :)

  2. bridge Says:

    and I appreciate your reminder.... Thank you for never get bored with me all these times ;)

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