Dare to have debt...then you should pay!

Having debts is like having two different sides of a coin. The other side is helping you while the other one is trapping you to the ugly side… What I mean by saying the ugly side… you decided that you still need the money after all and therefore has hesitation when comes the time to return the debt. You start to think that you could actually use the money to get more money… or perhaps you start to realize that you still need more and therefore unable to return the money…  

What really ugly is when you decide to use that loan money to buy for stuffs you do not really need… Just to be shown around or to preserve that foolish pride… You are having debts because you are being such an impulsive buyer or simply a consumptive person. If there is anything new, then you have to buy it… You do not want other people to think that you have no money therefore you are unable to follow up with whatever the trend now. The trend can be about fashion or gadget or luxurious life style. In order to keep up with all of that, you are willing to borrow money from people around you… Not to mention having several credit cards… And then when it comes the time to pay, you start to live in denial hoping that all debts will be magically wiped away… You do know that even a fairy god mother will not be able to help you in that horrific situation.

Then people will start talking behind your back that nobody shall ever lend you any money again… As they starting to get used with your lies such as :

“Oh, please lend me some money… I need it for paying heart operation for my dad….” – and the next day you walk in with a brand new cellphone

“I know this is very sudden request, by I have to pay tuition fee for my son… I promise I will return it to you once I have more cash…” – and the next two days you swing around a new pair high heels…

“My mom has a tumor that needs to be removed… The doctor said she need to be operated urgently… Please help me out… “ – and yet there you are with a brand new handbag…

And yet, when people try to collect the money you will give them any kind ridiculous reasons or pretend that you have no idea that you should paid a lot of money to many people around you.

Your friends, colleagues and families probably decided to waive the loan knowing you will never be able to pay… And as a return, they gossiping about you or even just simply mock you around deliberately… But debt collectors from credit card company will not be as “nice” as that…

First they will terrorize your families especially those whose names stated in the application form as someone related and therefore should be responsible for you. These debt collectors will not ask nicely. Instead they will scream at you over the phone calling your names and talking dirty that can make elderly get a hear attack. They will also calling your colleague in the office asking them whether you really work there…and ask them to tell you to paid that debt.

The worst part, if you are working…they will simply call your Human Resources Dept or your boss and tell them about you refusing to pay your debt… You could lose your job because your company will consider you as a liability.

Those are only few bad things from having debts and refusing to pay them…

Be a grown up! You dare to have debts then you have to pay!
5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    U/ org yg dewasa secara pemikiran, pinjaman akn punya arti yg positif. Membantu u/ menambah aset pribadi...secara teori cicilan hutang gak boleh lbh dr 1/3 penghasilan sebulan n tidak digunakan u/ brg konsumsi....so jgn ragu u/ meminjam tp dgn perhitungan yg matang!sera-nita

  2. asal jgn berhutang karena terlalu konsumtif aja. hutang kalo utk biaya sekolah anak dan biaya berobat masih oke. tapi tetap gak boleh lupa ngembaliin.

  3. yeah..klu bisa jgn sampai berhutang...

    takut klu g bisa bayarrr :)

  4. Dian tamim Says:

    hati2 berhutang... susah kalo udah jadi kebiasaan....

  5. bridge Says:

    @masalahnya banyak orang udah keenakan utang jadi gak mau bayar... Parahnya lagi, utangnya itu jadi masalah buat orang lain yg malah gak tau apa2... Dan yg bikin bete, uang itu cuman buat hal2 konsumtif aja

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