Decisions and consequences

 You know what, have you ever noticed that when you need something badly nothing ever going to come on your way…? Like when you need a job badly, none ever going to come to you… Even after all those countless application letters that you have sent to God only know where… You wait for the calling from any company, big, small, legal, illegal…but none ever come…

Eventually, when a call comes to offer you a job even with a very small salary and seems have no future in whatsoever, you would take it anyway… As you need that first chance, to have experience in the real world…to learn is it true that everything you learn in the university will be useless? Aaaannnd…yes … It is useless… But that would be another story… Anyway, like I said since you have been waiting for a chance…then when ones finally come you decided to have it… Small salary, no medical allowance…who cares… What is important that you finally get the job…

And then when you finally settling down with this job, suddenly you receive many offers that you have been waiting previously… And you were like… oh no… Should I take the offer or not? But if I take that offer, will that mean I have to start from the bottom again and face the uncertainty? While I am not already settling in and seems I have good future with this one…

You know what… Sometimes I think life is playing with us… We never get anything that we really want the most… The thing that we need…we never really going to get it on time when we think that we need it… And after a while, we decided…oh fine… I am going to have whatever I am going to have…
I guess perhaps this is sort of the step appreciate everything that you have got at this moment no matter how small it is… Because you know is hard to get it and even though it may far below from your expectation…you need to appreciate it anyway… 

Then, when you finally settling down and whoosh…you receive so many offer that widen your choices… It was like you are forced to make a decision… What is it going to be… Are you going to stay in the comfort zone or you daring yourself to accept the kind offer and try to find something new in the unknown zone?

Either way, whatever decision that we make in our life…we just need to suck it up… We have to be responsible for our choices and accept whatever consequences from the decision and try hard and harder to find a way to over come the consequences…

Yeah, easier to be said than done…

I am still working on it… Really, really hard….
5 Responses
  1. hm..aku sering ngadepin yg kayak gitu. lagi enak2 kerja eh dapat tawaran menarik. jadi bingung milih yg mana. sekarang pun ada tawaran kerjasama berkaitan dg usahaku ini. tapi masih bingung mutusinnya.

  2. bridge Says:

    iya, jadi ngerasa....pokoknya harus milih... Pas lagi butuh, gak ada sama sekali akhirnya jadi asal ngambil yg penting ada
    sering bgt kejadian kayak gitu....

  3. o Says:

    gw pernah baca.. being adult doesn't mean being able to make decisions, but being able to accept consequences from any decisions.

    menurut gw sih gpp ambil2 aja walaupun menurut elu "asal ngambil", yg penting elu siap aja melaluinya :)

    life is a joke.. so true.. yah mo gimana lagi..

  4. bridge Says:

    hahahah.... itu kalimat kan gue yg kutip dari film UGLY BETTY

    Itu dulu neng.... pas gue lagi butuh bgt kerja gk ada yg nelp, gak ada response dari buanyak surat lamaran yg gue kirim.... Akhirnya asal ambil yg penting ada hingga belasan taun kemudian .... Gak berani pindah krn udah merasa comfort.... gitu lohhh

    kalau yg sekarang, life is a terrible joke to me... But after banging my head and cried like crazy...skrg gue gak mau tau lagi deh.... Cemas mau gimana juga percuma.... masalah tetap aja akan datang

  5. o Says:

    "Cemas mau gimana juga percuma.... masalah tetap aja akan datang" --> bener banget! bahkan masalah bisa dtg di saat2 hepi kok..

    semangat yaaa!

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