Dreamer vs realist

I remembered when in the early years of my working days, my colleague has a young girl friend who still studying in her last year in…Senior High School. We assumed that the girl was probably 18 or 19 y.o. while my friend was around 24. We loved mocking him around, saying that he was like a pedophile hunting for little girl much younger than him. The relationship did not last long and now he is happily married with someone around his age.

 Now come to think of it, the age difference did not really that far… I meant, we have seen many women married with men who probably 20 years much older. So, why did we make a fuss about my colleague’s relationship at that time?

I think the reason was because that girl was still in high school. Though she was already considered adult (being 18 y.o) , and yet, hearing her still in high school made us surprise. Or we just simply were being nosy about other people’s life.

Anyway, move on to another story for comparison…once I have a friend who dating a younger guy. The relationship did not take long as my friend could not stand the guy. The guy kept on calling him late at night, or minutes when they just parted away. He loves sending her romantic text through sms and other things that she considered annoying.

I think when we were young, we loves hearing and saying romantic words to our couple… And we were older, after all that sorrow and pain we have been through…we feel those words are just empty and meaningless…

My colleague at that time just entered the adult life and I suppose he really knows how to make her girlfriend fly to the moon…with romantic words… And probably talk about a wonderful future together… Just the two of them in a small house (though the house is still on a long term loan, but let not spoil the dream), and maybe someday there would be little prince and princess in the house… and I could keep on going… Though not all, youngster tends to dream of something beautiful, easily fall with romantic words, caring gestures… Those are probably few reasons why adult should not be dating with under age as they are still unable to see something ugly and fatal consequences from short time pleasure.

While for my friend with her younger boyfriend, I once asked her why she did not like the attention? I thought women love being the centre of adoration and attention from their lover. To which she replied that she loves the attention but not for every five minutes. She said words that too easy to be spilled out are usually easy to be forgotten. She just being realistic instead being romantic.

Gee, I make it sound that we adult can only think about something bad instead beautiful things… 
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