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Ever since I was still toddler, I love watching movie like Star Trek. I have no idea why’s that and my parents especially my mom was really bewildered about it. Every night when the movie was on tv, I sat there alone in front of tv… My mom prefer to sleep rather than to watch some strange creature and a person with long ears sitting inside a room with big button to press… And the casts keep on staring on the screen with nothing but dark sky with stars on it… The funny thing when my mom woke up, she found me has a fever due to over excitement after watching that movie… 

Now that I am (much) older, I still like watching that science fiction kinda movie. Like Stargate AtlantisI really hooked up on this series on this channel : SyFy  every morning. My mom sat with me asking me what kind of movie is that. And shortly I just answered that is about spaceship and everything related to aliens.

She then looked at me and asked, “I completely have no idea what they are talking about… Do you understand it?”
“No, actually I do not… ,” I answered while not letting my eyes off the screen.
“If you do not understand it at all, then why do you even bother to watch it?” my Mom asked me again, this time when the movie finally over.

I looked at her and answered, “ I never really bothered about the detail… Is the imagination that mattered… That’s why I like it…”

Come to think of it, do I really understand about how actually television, handphones or just telephones, internet, digital cameras operate technically? No, I completely don’t. But does that stop me from using it? Of course, not! All I need to know is how to operate all of that for my activities and probably will learn about how they can be operate…maybe later…

That is how we enjoy fantasy and imagination… Often, we do not need to understand how in the heck they are able to fly, why every author creates very different version on vampires… Why common people can do magic but others not in Harry Potter the series? Why every alien can speak English in those American movies?

I like watching spaceship as I thinking…will we ever going to live in that kind of technology? When will that be? Is there really many alien forms living outside our planet? And for movies like magic, naturally I love to think that I can snap my finger and turn someone that I do not like into a toad… But, of course that only live in my imagination only… LOL!

Well, this is probably not a good advice… But then, if we try to put too much logic in it we will not be able to enjoy the fantasy story… Sometimes just let the story flow in your mind and feel it… Imagination is a wide place for us to think about anything and dream almost about everything that can’t be happened in the real world….

So, let the journey of fantasy begins…
As I quoted from Theodor Geisel  ;

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities. 
4 Responses
  1. Meys Says:

    Fantasy?? wow I luv it... hihihii
    Buku fantasi pertama yg kubaca waktu masih SD dan masih terkenang sampai skrang judulnya "Petualangan ke Planet Tauceti". Komik favoritku.. "Arad & Maya".
    Hal yg tidak masuk akal terkadang lebih mudah di cerna dan pahami daripada logika yg njelimet met..met yg bikin orang mumet 40 keliling..

  2. bridge Says:

    jujur aja, gue gak inget buku fantasi pertama apa yg gue baca.... gue gak tau ttg Alice in Wonderland, atau Peter Pan... *Kasian deh*
    jadi yg gue inget cuman film star trek itu aja... itu perkenalan pertama gue sm hal2 fantasi.... hihihihih

  3. mpokb Says:

    Dulu pas kuliah paling suka Star Trek Next Generation yang sore2 di RCTI itu, Bri. Heran juga tadinya kenapa bisa suka, ternyata karena di balik tampilan teknologi dan segala makhluk itu, naskah dramanya juga bagus dan menyentuh.. Seperti menggambarkan Bumi dengan kehidupan sosial berbagai ras dan negara penghuninya..

  4. bridge Says:

    betul.... tapi gue sih gak mikir sedalam elo, Bin :D gue seneng aja membayangkan kalau ada kehidupan lain di luar planet... :D

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