Gravel in your life

Have you ever feel pain inside your shoes while you are walking? Then you realized that probably gravel, that tiny little small stone don’t know coming from where has entered your shoes… You tried to ignore it as you think…, oh is only a small stone… I am not going to stop walking because of that… But a few minutes later, the pain is unbearable and finally you are forced to stop and get that gravel out from your shoes… 

Sometimes we see one problem as a minor thing in our life… As for example, you notice that there is this small leak from your roof every time rain pouring downs the earth. You check it out and there is this tiny crack on the roof… If you fixed it right away, then the leaking problem will be over. But naturally, we decide that there are more things that need our attention… Beside the water leaking still does not bother anyone in the house… So, naturally you dismissed that and move on to other things… Unfortunately the crack getting bigger and in the end, you will have small leak no more… Instead, you have whole lot of water leaking to probably your room, your guest room, your dining room or to whatever room inside the house… Finally you have to fixed the problem but it has cost you not only your precious time but also money and other damages due to the leaking…

            Well, sometimes in life we encountered many problems… It may relate to health, studying, equipment, financial, etc… We have to know which to be prioritized in our life in order to avoid further damages… But then… all problems seem important… Which one that I have to deal first? Or if anything to do with health, sometimes we just scared to find out the truth and decide to postpone the matter… In silent hopes that the matter will go away and clear automatically later.

            I have no idea how to set up priority in deal with many problems that sometimes come to me all at once… Usually, I decide which one will give negative impact or bring damage first… I suppose the wrong things that we often do after make priorities is that we forget that even no matter small the problem is…we need to clear it… And don’t just forget about it or pretend not to remember…in silly hope that it will just go away… (Like people with credit card problem who always in denial hoping the debts will just vanish)

            I often made that kind of mistakes… Thinking that since this problem will not give me direct impact and can be postponed…I just drop it… Not to be finished later but to be forgotten… Until it bites me later and eventually I have to take time to stop. Noticing the problem, and figuring out what to do with it before it killings me slowly…like gravel in the shoes…

4 Responses
  1. dlm hidup saya juga banyak masalah yg belum bisa selesai, tapi...saya biarkan saja karena tidak terlalu menganggu. Walaupun sebenarnya harus diselesaikan juga. Kadang itu terjadi karena diluar kekuasaan saya, sehingga saya harus biarkan masalah itu terus ada sampai ada yg bisa membantu.

  2. bridge Says:

    memang sih.... Kadang masalah itu terpaksa dibiarkan karena kita membutuhkan pertolongan orang lain untuk menyelesaikannya

  3. Indah Says:

    That's a nice posting, girl!! ;)

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