Keep Holding On

Yesterday when I was making this posting for a story with friends, I stumble to this song by Avril Lavigne…: Keep Holding On… 

The song is about someone giving support to her acquaintance to keep holding on in their most unbearable moments. Moments when we sometimes think that there is no way out, everything we have tried failed, it seems we fighting in that road all alone with nobody beside us.

Sometimes I feel like that someone in that song. When we find ourselves in trouble often we can’t just find someone to help us… There are things that we have to deal on our own because hey… we are not the only one who has problem in this world… Can we really just share our entire burden to everybody in a desperate attempt so they will help us? No we can not just do that… The problem is ours and nobody else’s.

Since we can not speak to just anyone about our problem, we try to seek the solution by ourselves… We try to deal with the entire problem and the hazards by ourselves… However, in the end we find that all our efforts have given us nothing… The problem is still there, there are additional problems due to the first unsolved problem… One disappointment hit you following by another… Since you have nobody to talk with your mind seems dead and can’t give you anything more to help you get out from your problem….

I wondered whether people committed suicide for feeling so helpless and do not have clear mind to see that tomorrow will be better… Day after day, they are facing reality that their problem is going worst and nobody can lend a hand to do something about it…

You know, no matter how much we say that we are introvert and prefer to be alone, unable to communicate with other people and other lame excuses, we can’t deny ourselves that it is nice and such a relief to have friend. Friend who stand beside us, supporting us either with comforting words or giving solution…

It is nice to know that someone will be there supporting you all the way and keep on reminding that there is something bigger in this life… It will not end just like that even in our most desperate moments… Once in a while, we need one or two friends who reminding us that our life is meant for something… We should never give up hope no matter how deep our trouble is…

Let us keep holding on
2 Responses
  1. ur words mb' Ria make my heart weep..

  2. bridge Says:

    oooh, please don't be

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