May God bless Indonesia

Today my country : Indonesia celebrated its independence day for 65 years old…

  Some people including me sometimes have been asking ourselves…what are we really celebrating about? A friend of mine even said that we are now living in much worse condition than before!

From where should I start? Collusion, corruption, nepotism, poverty, poor education, racism, suspicion between religious organizations, natural disasters or disaster caused by certain people that do not want to take responsible, fail in preserve the nature and many more…

Sure, we can be disappointed and asking ourselves what is the meaning of freedom when we do not feel safe in our own country? Why we should be proud being an Indonesian? Even my dad once said life was better for him when Indonesia was under the Dutch. People at least learnt other language aside our own. Plus, being controlled by other nation made all of our people regardless their ethnic groups…forget their differences and fight together for one goal only. To get the so called thing : freedom… I often wondered, if those nameless people who died in the war fighting for this country believing they are going to give better life for next generation will arise knowing the current situation….

I remembered being scared when I was sitting in the church to finish the mass on Christmas Eve after we were being bombed. Yeah, after that our priestess asked us to keep on staying to continue the mass and pray for our beloved country. A country that has betrayed us by letting those people hurt us…

And yet, here we are… Still here, live in this country… To be honest, do I feel proud being an Indonesian? I would say that 50 – 50… Indonesia has everything… Natural resources and beautiful islands… However, after 62 years of freedom we are still unable to use if for better good. So, when it comes to the nature…oh, I am so very proud. But when it comes to the people…hmmm, maybe not so much…

Should I move to another country? Maybe I can, if God is willing me to do so…, then what? Let us just say that I moved to Australia. Will people there acknowledge me as an Australian? Nope. I will always be recognized as an Indonesian living in Australia and officially becoming Australian resident.

And since there is slim chance that I am going to live abroad…, I am just being realistic and just face the music… Other people maybe suck does not mean I am suck… I may have nothing to give to this country but at least I am not going to make it any worse… 

So, again… Am I proud being an Indonesian? Probably not so much… If someday I have the chance to go abroad and people asked my origin… I will simply said…well, I am from Indonesia…and have always been one…

May God bless Indonesia
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  1. Dian Tamim Says:


  2. bridge Says:

    merdekaaa jugaaaa

  3. Well, the independence day does not mean a thing for me. Just another holiday in my calendar, but I worked along that day coz the hospital paid me extra..

  4. I may have nothing to give to this country but at least I am not going to make it any worse…

    suka dengan kalimat ini.

  5. bridge Says:

    @Vicky banyak yg ngerasa kayak elo ;)
    @Cerpenis.... Thank you.... Abis mau bete2 sama negara sendiri juga gak guna toh? Suck it up aja and jgn bikin tambah keruh

  6. Anonymous Says:

    like it Ria....have a nice weekend and GBU

  7. twitjune Says:

    like it or not kita lahir, hidup, bernapas dan berpijak di bumi Indonesia...what can we say? Merdekaaaaaaaa.......

  8. bridge Says:

    @Nin thanks for reading it :D
    @twitjune.... ember! Maksud gue jg gitu....!

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