This morning I have something to be taken care of so there I went. I have to go to this office which I have already known the area but have no idea whatsoever where exactly the building is. I thought I just asked the official in charge with the transportation of busway. So, confidently I took the busway and looking around the street. Oh dear. The location of the building on my mind is not correct… I started to ask another passenger but she has no idea about it… Then, the passenger gets off the busway . The other passenger who heard my question told me told me that the building I was looking for still far away from here. I just have to pass about five bus stops for the busway before getting off and taking another public transportation. I thanked her and wait her further instruction. When I finally saw the building, I really become unsure… But, I decided to get off from the busway and called the office. It turn out I have gone way too far from the real destination. I wasted almost half an hour before finally reaching the right place.

Sometimes, we have no idea how to get to our destination… We want to do something right in this life, want to do something good… How to do that? Okay, maybe by working… But doing what? And before that…what should we be studying about?

When we were wondering and asked others for opinion, we will receive so many advices and information and leads from people who sincerely want to help us.

 But the problems are… people often have different interpretations with us… They thought we want to go to that building, but it turn out we want to go to different way. Maybe like advising other people’s children about what major they should be taking in the university. Other people giving advice to the parent that their kids should take Economy as their major. Perhaps they giving the advice based on their own experience and needs. They have no idea what the kid should study or what that kid wants to study. The things that we know, or need often do not automatically match with others. But of course we just assume that it will be the same.

So, we may receive many advices in our life… They might misled us and waste our time a bit… In the end, we are the one who will know what road we should take… Whether we get that from other people or from our own investigation and findings… All advices are tends to help us but only a few that will lead us to reach our destination correctly. 
5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yup betul banget...malu bertanya sesat di jalan, banyak bertanya malah
    Jalan-jalan gak karuan hehehehehe

  2. Anonymous Says:

    agree with your blog. maybe the best way is to listen to others but at the same time consider your own situation and interest, because in the end you are the one responsible for your own success or otherwise :-P

  3. bridge Says:

    Chr, you so right... Often we have to know by ourself which advice we can use or we just do it with our own way

  4. BabyBeluga Says:

    You're right, we should always take charge especially with our own life.

  5. bridge Says:

    yes, other people may offer their hand to help and a little bit of advice but we are the one who should decide

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