Positive thinking

Last week I went to Dunkin Donuts just to chill out and enjoyed nice evening… Just by myself, a triple chocolate donut, ice chocolate and my laptop. It is located near this big book store in my town: Jakarta , called GRAMEDIA… It was Saturday afternoon; so many children inside the book store…and thanks God not so many inside Dunkin Donuts.

 As usual, I lost track of times whenever I glued to my laptop… Especially accompanied with things that I like… So, after my eyes got sore…I finally turn off my laptop and prepare to go home… That was when I saw the rains pouring down hard outside Dunkin Donuts… I sighed… I have no choice but to walk inside to the book store. Why was I sighing? Well, I have this huge not so light laptop to be carried around… And Gramedia Book Store is having this huge sale on old books and comics…for more than a month already… This is bad because I am going to be tempted to buy more books…again… But, I suppose buying more books would be better than eating more chocolates …so there I went…

And I was right… I bought three books…again! They are The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate Di Camillo, When you stop being Barbie by Mary Pierce (well I have never been a BARBIE…I just like the title and it only cost me 50 CENTS! Yup! Half of USD 1) and the last one The Kingfisher book of Classic Christmas Stories selected by Ian Whybrow… Sighed… I knew it I should have not entered a book store that giving out discounts…! 

Anyway, seeing those scattered books on the floor, I asked an online friend… What would she think if someday in the future her book would be one of these discounted scattered books on that floor…? She answered back that she would love to see one of her future books laying there…someday…

I shared that with another friend and she responded positively by saying naturally my other friend wishes that way… Because it will mean that her (future) book is published and out to the readers out there… And that is a positive way to see it… Rather than thinking gloomily that readers does not like your book so the store finally giving them all out in unbelievable cheap price…but see it in this way… IT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED! And, it will mean many people able to buy it as the price has gone cheaper…

To tell you the truth… I am looking forward to that moment….

2 Responses
  1. Meysha Says:

    wow..wish me there!

    love this post very much... :)

  2. bridge Says:

    Hopefully someday we will have our own books there.... previously sold out....

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