Prejudice part 1

Indonesia is a country in Asia with many ethnic groups having different cultures, religions, languages, ethics and many more...

Though we have been living together side by side for decades, we still have this prejudice between ethnics and religions follower. The prejudice usually stop amongst friends and colleagues, but does not guarantee we are not going to have one of those conversation between people with the same religion or ethnic group.

I think this is really a sad fact, because the earth is going older by the second but we as the people who live in this planet earth seems having a backwards condition... I would say, the only thing that Indonesian people unite together regardless the religion and ethnicity was when the struggle to regain independence from the colonizer ages ago

Anyway, this is the stupid story about prejudice that I received from my friend. Let us just say that my friend and her associate are like me...are indigenous Indonesian. Her associate dislike this particularly an ethnic (not native Indonesian). Her associate dislikes them so much she always suspicious that the ethnic "X" lied to her, taking advantage from her and never sincere. One day, my friend and her prejudice associate went to a store to buy merchandise in big scale. My friend went to the other side of the store while listening to her associate tried to persuade the store owner in order giving her t, he cheap price. Between the bargain, her associate said something racist like this," Come on, we both native Indonesian... right? I am not ethinc "x"... So, you should give lower price..."

When my friend saw the store owner went quiet , she suspected something must be wrong so slowly but sure she began to headed for the door... Her associate seems to feel the change in the air as well and then finally asked, "Errr, you are not an ethnic "X", are you?"
With flat face, the owner answered, "Well, actually I am..."

After getting the merchandise with price lower than before, my friend giving her associate a lecture, "That's a good lesson for you to not say rubbish like that in public..."
Her associate, embarrassed...only manage to say...," Well, I thought the owner is a native... I never thought she is also an ethnic "X"..."


Clearly she still don't get it that she should not being prejudiced in the first place...ever...

Kinda sad.... come to think of it.... Maybe this is just one of the reason this country never move forward....
4 Responses
  1. Never, never say, "You're not a Chinese, are you?"

    That's such a rubbish, impolite. You can't judge someone's race only by his casing.

  2. bridge Says:

    Or are you an Indian? Are you this ethnic? Or that ethnic? If you still does, please keep it to yourself... Such question should not be raised out loud...!

  3. o Says:

    hmm it all depends on the context. sometimes we ask questions for understanding each other's culture.

    in our country, that c word is too often considered as having a prejudiced meaning. blame the history & society..

  4. bridge Says:

    true... Most of our people ask the C word not just out of curiosity but merely just to confirm that this person is belong to that ethnic group and no wonder their behave like that

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