Prejudice part 2

In 1996, my Mom and I went to Singapore for Christmas holiday. Since we tried to save some expenses, we decided to stay in this small motel located in Bencoolen area. This motel, though not so big but is clean and has several rooms. The bathroom located outside our room. The owner is an old Chinese couple.

While we were staying there, we met many tourists from other countries and even from Indonesia as well. But the interesting part was when we met several guys from one country (which I will not tell you ^__^). 

My Mom also has this prejudice to certain ethnicities and people with certain nationality. It does not really bother me because she never do anything crazy anyway towards those people. But what drove me crazy when she talked about them out loud thinking that they would not understand our language anyway. Just like when she saw that bunch of guys, she immediately told me not to walk around the motel by myself and other blah, blah, blah. I hushed her immediately since I do not want them to hear.  My Mom wondering why I was so worried as those men will not understand our language anyway. But thanks God, she did not say anything else when we finally bumping into those guys at the porch.

That little motel has a porch for us guests sitting around enjoying morning sun or watching the night come with breezy wind on our face. Near the sitting place, there is this telephone card and even a weight scale…just in case you want to know how much weight is your baggage before going home. So, while my Mom sitting there I use the telephone to call my Dad back home. We chat a while then I went back to my Mom, giving her information about our home. Then suddenly, one of those guys came up to us and asked us…in our language, “Excuse me, are you from Indonesia?”

My Mom and I looking at each other then back to that guy. We nodded as to confirm his question. Then after a while we involved in a conversation. Finally we learned how this foreign guy able to speak in our language. He studied to be a sailor in the academy located in Jakarta and that’s explained why he is able to speak Indonesian fluently.

After that, of course I gave a “I TOLD YOU SO” look to my Mom… She just merely shrugged. Being prejudice is one thing. But to talk bad about the person regarding their ethnicity or nation thinking that they do not understand…well, we should reconsider that again.

We would not want to be embarrassed, would we?
5 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Hahahaa.. ternyata oohh ternyataa.. tuh orang ngerti bahasa Indo toh! Emang biar gimana mulut itu perlu dijaga yaa ;)

  2. twitjune Says:

    wakakakak....tanteee..tanteee...miss you so much deh pokoknya!! thats why i never hanging out with my mom...kurang lebih begitulah jadinya, kasus! makanya juga your mom n my mom kalo ketemu suka ribut aja ber dua abis mirip sih..hihi

  3. twitjune Says:

    wakakakak...that's one reason why i never hang out with my "lovely" mom..talking out loud about "sensitive issues" in the middle of the crowd thinking that no one will pay attention to her...pfyuh!
    makanya our mom kalo ketemu suka ribut sendiri..sama2 suka menyatakan isi pikiran masing2 n ga mau ngalah lagi..hihihi. jadi kangen sama tante...teringat masa lalu..

  4. bridge Says:

    @Indah yup.... se gak suka nya kita sm org, jgn kira tuh orang gak ngerti and just act and think positive aja deh
    @twitjune I am actually worried that the two of us will end up like our mothers

  5. meys Says:

    hmmm...I'll wait that time come after you, B. u will write it if that happen rite?.. B&T.. sisters...
    happy weekend.

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