returning it?

Can we ask the thing that we have given to someone else to be returned to us? Whether that a favor, invitation, clothes and lots of other things.


I once have friend who gave me invitation for her wedding. My happiness because being invited by her was quick turn into annoyance because she was then said to me that she woul need the invitation back in case she was short of stock on the invitation card. What?


So here is the thing. You short of budget, so you can only made about 100 invitations from the shop. After making a list, surely you realized that you are out of stock. Would it be better to handle the situation before giving out the invitation to the-so-called-friend then asked the invitation card to be returned? Where is your ethic in friendship? I would rather receive the invitation verbally straight from the person rather than being asked to return the card. I would rather to be told that she was out of stock so she has no choice but to give the invitation verbally. In the end, she did not ask the invitation card to be returned. But, I was already offended by her rudeness. And even though I finally came to her wedding, I could not forget the thing that she was said.


When you gave out help to a person in need, was that because you really feel that you want to help? Or was it because to have this person owe you a big favor in the future? Of course sometimes, I can not blame a person who constantly reminded another person about their big debt of favor. If the help came too easy, people often take that for granted. And they just forget about it. So, I suppose you really must have a really big heart before giving out help. Not so many people care to remember the help that has been given by others nowadays. I do not like to see a person who likes to recall over and over again about the good deed or help that she or he has given to someone else. It was like you are not sincere when you give out the help. Or maybe, there is no such thing as sincerity?


But, I have to admit. Sometimes I do get annoyed when I saw someone did not appreciate the gift that I have given to. Let us say like T-shirt. I gave that thing as a gift. But soon after that, I saw that T-shirt has been given to someone else. Now, why I feel so annoyed? I meant I have given that stuff to that person, right? So, it is really up to that person whatever he or she wants to do with that gift. But, why can not we just let go the feeling of being not appreciated?


Silly? You tell me.
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  1. Basicly, I laughed for the invitation incidence. Did you come to the wedding finally or not? :D

  2. bridge Says:

    yeah, sure I come... Out of respect for her being my friend all these times... Sighed...

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