Something better left unsaid

  I know that honestly is very important in this life… But since I am a bit touchy person, being honest often is something that I avoid the most… And of course I considered some not-so-important questions should not be asked…

Like for example… why you put your kid in that school? I heard the quality of the teacher is not good… But is a school with cheap tuition… is that the reason you put your kid into that school… BONK! You will get a slap on the face for asking that ridiculous question… Sure, you probably curious if that person usually bragging almost about everything in her life…but suddenly decided to put her children to a place known for its bad quality… Well, do we really need to know for our own reference (from a really good point of view?)? Or we just asked to find out the real reason from that person and happily spread it to others?

Other time I once asked my old time friend why on earth she gave birth to her first child after being pregnant for about 6 month only… I remembered she was married on December but the baby was delivered around May… So, with curiosity I asked her jokingly whether she has received “DOWN PAYMENT” before the wedding… That was rude, right? Even for a close friend… Obviously my friend denied the idea and said that the baby born premature… and that was it… That was really a kind of question that I should have not asked and better keep it for myself. If my friend really want to share it with me she would have told me earlier before I even pop the question.

Sometimes, I still have questions about things that out of the ordinary… But as I grow older, I find that is not so amusing anymore and unless I need the information related to a life and death situation…I suppose I just need to keep my mouth shut.

But perhaps I do that because I also hate being asked question that for me really not suppose to be asked… Like, why am I so fat? (Yes, someone did ask me that kind of question). Or, why don’t you put more make up so you can attract men? Seriously, do you really want to know about all of that? It made me feel like a soap opera’s actress…

In short, asked what you need to know…but please…use your brain and your heart a bit… That is, if you (or me) still have any of those…
7 Responses
  1. mpokb Says:

    Down payment? :D I'll never ask that, Bri.. :D

  2. bridge Says:

    Well, Mpok.... at that time... I was still rude.... heheheheheh

  3. yg pasti...kalo mau nanya sesuatu mesti ingat juga sih,jika kita yg ditanya dg pertanyaan spt itu gimana rasanya. jadi, kita harus menempatkan diri kita di tempat orang tsb ya?

  4. o Says:

    hehe.. betul.. jgn kayak soap opera actress..

    btw, gw malah ngiler sama gambarnya. itu di mana? :D

  5. bridge Says:

    @Cerpenis.... iya, betul banget.... tapi masih suka lupa saya... heheheh
    @O itu beli di Harvest....long time ago :D

  6. Indah Says:

    Hahahaha.. bener bangets, somethings are better left unsaid :D

    Tapii.. don't stop questioning, hihihi.. setidaknya kalo hanya di dalam hati dan kepala aja ngga ada yang ngelarang toh? ;p

  7. bridge Says:

    oh, kalau hanya dalam hati sih.... sering banget melakukannya....

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