Two lessons

I was reading this article about cyber crime when suddenly I saw something interesting in that article. A well known blogger wrote how she lost her accounts (email, Facebook, blog) after being held by her husband who knew all her passwords. He said that he will return all the accounts if this writer drops her demand for divorce. I was wondering who this writer is when I saw the name of her books and blog…and I was stunned… She was someone that I used to envy a lot.

Well, yeah… I know envy and jealousy is not good for the soul… And yet, in my darkest mood I will see these people as the living proof that life is so unfair. Can you imagine that she has nothing to do but shop, shop, and shop and never drop. Well, I am not fashionista but I would not mind being in her position…well, at least like the one she share on her blog and books. She has been raised from a wealthy family that allows her to go anywhere not just for traveling but also to spend and spend a lot of money. As if there was nothing else she do in this world. I remembered being jealous to her, I decided not going to buy her second book and not even her third book. I bought the first one because I was curious to see how she wrote the shopping journey from her life. But after I read it, I was like…oh dear… Why should I buy her books and make her even richer to go shop…, again? Naturally, I was shock to find out that her life is not as smooth as I thought before… All I can say that she has some problems with her husband and things turn out for the worst in the end of their marriage.

From that article I learned two things… 

First, be very careful with all passwords of all your accounts on the internet… If we are the kind of person who lazy to change our password then at the least we should not be giving it away to just anyone… Usually people like to share it with their spouse or family as to prove that they have nothing to hide. But if this knowledge will bite each of you later then perhaps there is nothing wrong to keep it as a secret?

Second, there is no use in getting jealous with other people’s life. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this already. I have been reminding myself from time to time… But always, I failed to execute it when ever I was frustrated with my life. We will never know the bitter facts that those people hiding behind their smile. Nobody like to story telling about how bad their life actually in one aspect. As we all know, not all people willing to help sincerely after hearing someone share their misfortune. Others probably will turn away or worse make it as gossip material with their family and friends. Like my friend who always constantly reminding me that every person has their own life and destiny. We can’t be like them and they will not live like us.

Everybody has their own happiness and bitterness…
4 Responses
  1. yeah, suami sekalipun suatu saat bisa jadi musuh kan? makanya kudu hati2 banget

  2. bridge Says:

    iya sih.... memang serba salah... We have nothing to hide but to give all the way up to the passwords...seems not right

  3. meys Says:

    everybody, tanpa kecuali!

  4. bridge Says:

    mestinya sih gitu yaaaa

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