We often heard that once people find their comfort zone, they would not want to move anywhere anymore.

Like for example, people who live in the area who constantly flooded year after year whenever rainy season arrive. Let us exclude those who has little money therefore has no choice but to continue live in that area. But others, even though they have enough money they do not want to leave the place. Why? Simple. Aside from the flood disaster, they feel comfortable living there… Probably close to the office, to their children’s school, their friends, etc… Just thinking to move to somewhere else, though the new place is totally free from flood…already made them nervous and do not know what to do.

But sometimes, we forget that us being human have this capability to adapt to whatever situation and condition…if necessary.

Just look at me, my Dad and my Mom. After my Mom diagnosed with diabetic two years ago, we start use sugar or any kind of sweetener made special for diabetic people. Long time ago…before that diagnose, we tried to use that kind of sweetener. None of us really like it much, especially my Mom. We usually put sugar from two eating spoons (not with tea spoon)!
However, now realizing how terrible diabetic do to your other organs… little by little we try to reduce the quantity of sugar that we use on our drink. Not easy at first, we admit. But eventually, since the condition forces us to do so…we finally get used to it… Sugar from one tea spoon is enough for us. More than that, we dislike it already.

So I suppose, we really should not be afraid with changes… Okay, let me rephrase that. We should be worried and afraid of what might happen from those changes…but hopefully we can put our fear aside. And just try to be open minded about it… As, like I said…we have that ability to adapt… And who knows, maybe later these new changes will be your new comfort zone…again…
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hmmm exclude me too, Bridge. I m good in finding comfort zone but nvr last longer. bcoz I luv chalengge... :)

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