Always wants more...

 I remembered when I was still longing to have a laptop… I could only look with envy, desire and wishing and dreaming to others people who bring their laptop. I could not afford because the price was really expensive…

Then year after year, finally I have the chance to buy my very first laptop. My cousin told me to start to think what kind of laptop that I would want to buy… Since I am a totally moron when it comes to technical details…I told him I would need nothing else as long as I can use the laptop to type… Standard programs like MS Word and Excel. He looked me exasperated and said, “You sure about that? I have accompanied many people buying their first laptop… All have said the exact same words as you… Then a few months later, they came to me and asked why their laptop becoming so slow in processing of almost about everything… I checked… It turn out they install so many games or programs… “

So, he continued that he did not want me to have a laptop with minimalist capability and little storing capacity…and later I will regret that I have bought it and want something else… Not a problem if money is not an issue and we both know I have limited budget… So, after discussing with him and my other cousin I finally bought my first laptop. My other cousin asked me if that laptop was not too heavy for me to carry around… And the idiot me said, “Oh, I think I will be using a lot more at home… I can use it at the living room or outside… I do not think I dare enough to bring it out of the house…” 

Then, a few months later I try to bring my laptop to the mall and boom! The reality hit me that my laptop is so heavy I almost want to throw them out of the bus! As per your guessing, I start to dream to have another new laptop… The one that I can carry around the city without have to break my arm…

We are always like that in life… When we do not have the thing that we want…we sort of pray that hopefully someday it will be in our possession… The simplest version of it will be enough to make us happy… Then after we have it, we no longer satisfied with it and want something more… We never happy with what we have… Always able to see any flaws or what that thing missing of… But, when we do not have it…we become obsessed by it… Hoping that someday we can have it and promise that would be the last thing that we want on earth… After that we want nothing else… or should we say we want a lot more…

I guess it is just the way of the most of us… We always want something more (usually something we can’t have or…not yet)… But we hardly look at the thing that we have at this moment… I want, me want, want, want, want… Wondering if we have been given the world…perhaps we are going to ask a garden in heaven?
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  1. I have no laptop at the moment. Though I need it. I afford, but still I haven't bought it. Coz my boyfriend gives me too much consideration about specification that I should pay attention for having a laptop. And after I listen to him carefully, I'm confused to pick up laptop at the store coz I don't know which laptop fulfills my necessity.

  2. Indah Says:

    Hahaha.. manusiawi kalo selalu ingin yang lainnya lagi walau udah punya sesuatu di tangan :p

    Bahkan ada yang dengan ekstrimnya bilang bahwa selama masih menginginkan sesuatu itu adalah pertanda bahwa dia masih "hidup", hahaha :D

  3. bridge Says:

    @Vicky yeah, I am now tempted to buy notebook so I can carry it everywhere without breaking my bones.... But I hate to look at that tiny small screen

    @Indah Itu memang terlalu ekstrim.... hahahhaha

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