Ask before you misled

Better ask before you get lost… or in my friend’s case before your pocket get depleted.

She told me that about five years ago, she was having this chat with her acquaintance who worked in woman’s magazine. During their chats, her acquaintance informed her about this excellent hairdresser. His work is outstanding and he did not charge very much. Excellent work and not sucking up your pocket, hmmm… Will there anyone able to resist that temptation? So, my friend asked for the address and went there with her roommate. When she arrived, she was surprised to see many expensive branded cars parking in front of the beauty salon. But, without thinking too much she went in anyway…

Inside, they were welcomed by a customer service (CS) and then asking them with whom they wish to get a haircut. The CS then showed them a board full of listing available hairdressers complete with the charges that would be applied. Since she did not find the name that was informed by her acquaintance (let us call him “JACK”) , she then asked to the CS whether Jack is available to cut her hair. The CS then asked my friend whether she has made an appointment and of course my friend replied that she has not. She then asked by the CS to wait a while as she need to ask Jack if he is available at that moment. Lucky for my friend (well, she did feel lucky at first) the hairdresser has no appointment and agree to do her hair. Her room mate wanted to see the result after the hair do and therefore she decided to wait for my friend.

When she entered inside the salon, she saw many familiar famous faces… She was a bit surprised but still with her positive thinking… She was still very sure that her acquaintance would not lie to her about the cheap charges and keep the show on going. She was amazed that Jack the hairdresser only need 15 minutes to do her long hair with fabulous result… Happily she walked to the cashier and bumped into another well known singer who seems very close to the hairdresser… My friend almost faint to find out how much she has to pay for the hairdo… The price was about five times from regular that she use to pay. It turns out, Jack IS the owner of the beauty salon and that’s why every customer must make an appointment before have him as their hairdresser. And why he only charged very few to other people because he did that as a treat for the people on that magazine…. The charges that he asked probably for his assistants instead of himself…

This is why we should never ever embarrass to ask how much is this? And how much is that…before making any transaction… Seriously, sometimes because we do not asked for every tiny little details on the price will open a chance to be cheated… Or could get a heart attack to know that we have to pay so much above our capability…

Credit cards sometimes have this promotion event with certain restaurant or café. If you use this credit card to eat at this restaurant you will only have to pay half from the actual price. I once decided to ask the restaurant over the phone whether the promotion still valid and does the discount applied to any food and beverages. It turn out, drinks with alcohol and wines does not include on the promotion… There, at least I get the information correctly from the restaurant (do not forget to ask the name of the person who give you that information) and will avoid the beating of my heart goes faster when the bill comes to me…

Asking is a necessary thing to do especially if we have limited resources… Better humiliate at first rather than after all transactions and purchasing have been executed…!
3 Responses
  1. Basicly, what prevents us from asking for the price? It doesn't have to be shame to ask. Once I went to a restaurant for dinner and as I open the menu book, I saw that the courses were pricey. I got up and left away, and the waiters were just stunned. And I was so glad that I didn't have to be overcharged.

  2. Meys Says:

    there's another options... hihihih
    if to shy to ask.. don't try..
    g popo di bilang kuper daripd....

  3. bridge Says:

    I think sometimes because we are too proud to ask or just simply to cocky...and think we are able to pay it all...

    I would rather call them on the phone :D

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