Ask, seek, find, answers

I have a very close friend who always asking me words in English from Indonesian. Though I like being asked by her, sometimes I like to joke her around by asking, “You know… It would be easy if you just google them…” And as always she will reply, “Nahhh, it would be easier if I just ask you…”

My cousin also told me about her daughters who prefer asking her about the meaning of words in English rather than try to find it on dictionary… or even on the internet… If my cousin with irritated feeling asked her daughters why they are not trying to find it on their own they would say, “Oh come on, Mom… We do not have all day to open that thick dictionary to find the words… Asking you will get quicker result…”

I like being asked by my friend about some information as that will mean they trust that information from me. And they know I have the capability to give the right information to them. Even if I do not know to answer the question, I will immediately google for the answer on the internet. With that way, I will also know the answer from her question and so both of us will have that knowledge. I can use as a brainstorming for my thick head… Kidding…

Anyway, as per the answer from my friend and my nieces, they find that asking to the right person will give them an answer in the easier way and of course quicker.

I have to agree with this. You know how irritating that is when you want to find information…let say about traveling…? You try to type the keywords and finally you type longer sentences to emphasize the information that you need… After a few hours and still no luck you will find yourself emotionally exhausted… And then, finally you give up and just ask randomly to anyone that you know… To your surprise, one of them know the answer and give you information in details…in such a short time.

 Of course, to people who used to find information by themselves this kind of action could be considered as lazy and just want to get it in easy way. I guess there is really no problem in that. I mean, if about traveling…those people probably just ask how to get this visa? How much is it going to cost? What should I prepare? What procedure that I should follow? I suppose people do not want to waste longer time by making mistakes and that’s why they would ask first.

For me, I am in between. For several things, I like to find the answer by myself. There is this satisfied feeling inside if I manage to get the answer by myself. Nobody help me. So, I could probably brag to anyone who ask…oh, is so easy! I could find the way and do it by myself. But another time, after long hours spent to look for the information and still failed to find it, I would ask anyone who can help me… And hopefully they would not mind me asking. Or just simply answered to me, find it yourself. I can manage to find it by myself so I am sure you will be able to. *Sobs*

So, anybody want to ask me about anything? Feel free to do so… I may have the answer or may not have one… Especially if you asking me about recipes.
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  1. BabyBeluga Says:

    With easy access to Internet, it is easy to understand how we could be overloaded with information. Usually when Jake had a or some words that he didn't understand, he would look it/'em up in his dictionary. He's such a bookworm.

  2. bridge Says:

    not with my nieces :D

  3. twitjune Says:

    yang paling bagus memang mencari sendiri jawaban dari sesuatu karena kita bisa dapat lebih..tapi kalo dalam rangka "kefefet" biasanya kita potong kompas dg bertanya ke orang yang kita anggap tahu...solusinya bisa langsung terjawab, bisa juga malah balik ditanya. contohnya aq vs "mental aritmatika", pelajaran yg dipelajari anakku disekolah, yaitu berhitung dg sempoa. since my 2nd grade son is a math-hater,instead of using his sempoa he choose to ask me for the answers..mmberitahu jawabannya adalah hal yg mudah, mslahnya yg penting adl cara mendapatkan jawaban itu dengan sempoa...karena ibunya tdk bisa menjelaskan cara berhitung dg sempoa dan tidak mau memberikan jawabannya, akhirnya anakku menggunakan cara paling mudah..pake jari! problem solve!!

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