Between far and close by

When I first knew about twitter, I was a bit excited… There are so many celebrities who also owned Twitter account and we can just follow them… If we follow their twitter, it means we are getting a fresh up date from those celebrities… We even can send respond to them through twitter… But, since they are not following us back…they will not know any updates from us… (As if they need to)

But now, I finally reducing the list of celebrities that I have been following all these times. I just think now, what is the point of that? It is not like I need to know every little detail of whatever those celebrities doing… And if I do curious to know, I also following twitter’s account from gossip magazines as well… So, I think I have enough information about them… Beside, I do not know them and they do not know me… It does not mean that by following them and getting their news making me their best buddies… And I am not even sure they will remember who I am even if they do reply my response to their tweets. I may be in their circle, but then again I may not really there…

What I really want to know and hear and read right now is news from my own friends in the real world… Those who once in a while drop by and asking how I am doing right now… Those who busy with their work and life and dramas but still have time to poke me or just click “like” at my status… Those who create something and tag me to share it… Or those who simply say hi to me ;)

Most of the time, we are so busy checking news from the internet, totally ignoring our friends who are sitting in front of us…busy telling stories about their life… But we are too busy with something virtual and untouchable and forget the real connection it self.

 Like many people said nowadays, internet bring those who far away becoming closer but driven away those who are near with us. I do sincerely hope it will not come to that kind of situation…

“Hey, do you that movie star is getting married?”
“How did you know? Did that movie star tell you?”
“Well, yes… not in person… But I read it from their announcement on twitterverse…”
“Really? Oh, well…me too…”
“What? When? How? Why didn’t you invite me?”
“I did… You just NEVER NOTICE…”
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