do you know...?

Do you want to know why people never just blurted out at you about your stupid on going mistakes?

1. Because they are selfish enough to keep the relationship with you in a long term.
2. They are too coward to get the outburst from you right at the moment they told you about the mistake
3. The scare feeling that you may do something hurtful in return (this is probably because you are joining a killing squad or something bad...)
4. Worry that they do not know to tell you in the right way in order to avoid you getting offended
5. Silently pray in vain hoping that there will be a miracle that will open your eyes so you will realize your mistakes
6. Seeing that this relationship with you will be in a short term and thereofore feel no obligation to tell you about it
7. Enjoy it seeing that you constantly makes that mistakes and have high hope you will never ever be able to change it in the future
8. Can't wait for you to get into troubles for the mistakes you keep on making...
9. They remember how you behave when you were informed about the mistake, and decide not to say anything in the future...
10. They know that you are responsible for your own act, therefore decide not to get involved...

So, do you prefer no 1 - 5? Or the rest of the reasons? Or none of the above...
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