first timer

All my life I only has been in abroad twice… The first time was in Singapore and the second time ages after that was in Korea.

Since I have spending too much time in my own country, I seriously have no idea about living in another country. How they behave, or what kind of food that they eat daily, and anything like that…

When I was arriving in Singapore I was surprised to find that there is such thing as Chinese Tea… (oh dear… Now you must have given a big loud sigh). I was annoyed that every times I ordered to have tea, they always served me tea with milk! Come to think of it, why should I be annoyed? I should have just enjoyed because going to another place meaning to try something new, right? Well, not really…at that time… One of many things that I remember when we went to the restaurant that only serves Chinese tea and like an idiot I asked for sugar. The waitress looked at me as if I come from other planet and said shortly, “ Miss, that is a Chinese tea so no sugar needed…”  And I looked back at her with disbelief look. I remembered complained that to my Mother, saying that tea feel so bitter. And it turn out, nowadays I enjoyed just fine…Chinese Tea, Japanese Tea, Korean Tea… all without sugar… Sighed… 

Meal was another problem for us at first. Because names for several meals are the same with meals in Indonesia, I just assume the meal will exactly look the same, the taste will also not going to be the same… Which was of course not… All our imagination were completely crushed when the meal arrived and we ate in disappointment. Sometimes we lied to the owner saying that we already full and that’s why we were unable to finish the meal. But the actual reason, we dislike the taste but did not have the heart to tell it to them. I meant, well it was our fault thinking that everything would be the same like at home.

I also surprised that there are breakfast menu in Mc D. If we went there early in the morning, then they would not serve anything else beside the breakfast menu. Should I continue this tacky behavior of mine?

Additionally, I remembered my friend said that she and her family brought chilly sauces whenever they went on a trip out of our country. I thought she was being ridiculous. And yeah she was not being exaggerated. The taste of the chilly is so much different… I could not describe it because I dislike it very much. And yet, I managed to survive without chilly whenever we went out for a meal.

Another time, I ran out of tissue and looking around for street vendors… Thinking that they are there just like in Jakarta… Of course I could not find any and sighing I have to go to the mall and look for department store to buy a big pack of tissue… I learned that I have to remember bring anything that I might need before strolling around the city. I could not expect that there will street vendors or single sellers walking around offering their merchandise.

Of course I do realize now that the point of traveling is to find something new and just enjoy it… If you do not like it, then write it down why you do not like it and what is your expectation? And if we do not like surprises but due to our job we have to go abroad…then it will not kill us if we find information on the internet what we will face on the spot.

Last but not least, please do not ever expect that everything will be the same just like home… There is no such things!
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