Hiding the past

My friend and I were chatting about her boss last night. She told me that her boss always think that he is the right, never did something wrong, do not want to hear other people’s opinion, not caring other people’s need and in short sort of a kind of person who think only about himself… (I am not judging, just telling the story… ^__^ )

Anyway, I joked with her saying that hopefully one day when we becoming supervisor of other people or have to manage other people, we will not be like her boss…being utterly obnoxious to other people… She then laughed and said maybe her boss totally forgot her past when he was still a small time clerk who try climbing the ladder to success…

Come to think of it… why people do not want to be reminded of their life in the past? Well, we can think of so many reasons…
Probably shame of their previous life? Maybe they have done something wrong or not as per moral society demand them to do… So, they do not like to be reminded about it as it would have embarrassed them.

Probably they try to forget… Forget the pain when they are still stuck down under… When they still have to take order from other people… When they have to give their respect to someone that they consider not worth it… The funny thing is, when they finally reach to the top they are acting exactly the same like the people they previously hate.

Try to denial that to have their current position or success because of the help from other people… They do not like the fact that the help is unavoidable and therefore when they finally reach the success moment they act as if there was no such help ever given to them… They want to convince everybody and everyone else that they got it through their own struggle.

We often forget sometimes in the process, that no matter how hard we try to hide things, live in denial, sooner or later the thing that we try to hide and denied will come out… And if that happen, things will turn from good to ugly…. Which most certainly at that time embarrass is only the small thing that we have deal with it… I guess, our past has made us what we are right now… And even we are being secretive about it…, it will shown in every course of actions that we take…

Hmmm, wondering if I am going to be a dragon monster if I do become the leader of so many people… *impossible mode is on*
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  1. Meys Says:

    :) some ppl just too easily forget the past..other..stuck on it.. :(

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