Holding a grudge

 A few weeks ago there was this news about a mountain that has been inactive for quiet sometimes and then suddenly erupted... Due to that eruption, people who live around the mountain has to leave to avoid the damage caused by it.

I suppose when we hold the anger, the frustration, the grudge for a very long time...just keep on pilling up until the point when we feel already too much... Suddenly we realized that we can not keep it down inside any longer. Then all the burden kept inside just erupted one day.

My friend once said, she know someone who always easily get angry but then in a few moments after let it all out, the person just calm down. So, the anger dissapeared as fast as the first explosion. But, if by any condition makes a person can not just blurt it out their anger or dissapointment, it just stay there. Inside their heart. And then, it happens again... Another one that they can not be expressed to others. And when finally comes the times to blow them all up...it will hit wrong people. Create another problem it will dangerously erupt one day and bring damages to everyone around us.

Sometimes, in the meaning of avoid any pointless argument or dissagreement we decide not to retort back on something that people have said or done to us... Or, perhaps in the family the younger members feels that it is inapproriate for them to counter back about something has been said on them by the elder. And since that on, they start to hold the grudge towards all people. People who perhaps in society have higher status, or in the family is someone a lot older or in the office is the employer.

 Not all people know how to counter back in the most gracefully manner on the hurtful things that have been said to them. And the most important thing is, we have no idea how to just let it go and erase them from our heart and mind. Maybe we have tried to, but then the same person keep on doing it again and again. And we just hate them a lot more...

I do not know how to advise myself let alone other people to stop pilling up sadness and anger for such a long time. As it will consume us and bring nothing good to ourselves. And probably to others who sincerely care for us.

I can not say, word is just word... They are meaningless. Maybe we should just write them down on a piece of paper and burn it afterwards. So, perhaps we can start to let go and reduce that pile of anger and bitter resentment before erupted and destroy us all.
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Yang menyebalkannya tuh yaa.. tipe yang eksplosif tuh biasanya suka "lupa" mereka udah melontarkan kata2 kasar yang menyakitkan ke orang2 yang mendengar mereka ketika mereka "meledak"..

  2. bridge Says:

    YEP.... jadi seraba salah... Apa harus dikonfrontasi langsung atau.....

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