Do you have an acquaintance that is so annoying once in a while? I am sure you have. We can not avoid these kinds of people. Hey, who knows… we probably annoying other people as well… ;)

This someone loves borrowing things from me but after she or he saw the things that I have they will mock me like this….

“Oh dear, I was expecting that you have that perfume instead of this perfume… This perfume is so not me…”
And of course I was like thinking…, then why didn’t you just buy it yourself instead of asking for mine? Do I have to provide every perfume to anyone who wants to ask for a few drops? 

Or we take these kind of people out for lovely dinner… Well, actually we did not want to take them in the first place. Our intention is to take out our parents for a nice dinner out there… Darn these people happen to come by and we have no choice but to take them along… When they find out where was the place, they started that annoying laugh and said, “Oh so here is the place? I thought we are going to something fancier…”


Don’t you just want to kill them on the spot?

Now I think they actually try to hide their insecurities… I mean, they probably do not have enough to buy their own perfume or other things in life…(clothes, shoes, gadget and many more)… Well, obviously they can’t afford it otherwise they would not borrow it from other people, right? But to hide that jealousy for not being able to have that thing, they mocked other people’s belongings… They are angry because to use that thing that have to borrow from other people… Even worst that they probably borrow it from people who they really envy for years… So, to not loose their dignity they feel the need to mock.

Annoying? Yeah, sure… But then…just let it by… Better you are the one who able to lend those things rather than being the borrower who keep on mocking other people…

Like we use to said in Indonesia, jealousy is a sign of incapability. 
3 Responses
  1. twistygirl Says:

    I hate people like that. But I don't keep my mouth shut when they start dissing my stuff.

  2. o Says:

    usually i keep my mouth shut so they'll stop doing it. they feel good if we react, especially if emotionally..

    distance is the best solution :)

  3. bridge Says:

    I usually keep it to myself...unless their mocking escalate and drive me angry

    True...but is hard if that person is a regular visitor :(

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