I know that everybody is different and clearly not always in an agreement about something. I also understand that people sometimes can be defensive when we ask them about certain things… Or try to help them by suggesting a better way to do something… If they are being defensive by it, I can understand. Maybe I did not say it in acceptable words so that’s how they react to it… Or they prefer to do it with their own way as for them is more comfortable that way… Okay, I admit… I used find it hard why they can’t understand that I just want them to think or do in the right way… But, later I realized that my way is not always right for other people… So, I let it pass…

Then suddenly those exact same people who were defensive and offended by my suggestion have changed their mind. They started to follow the way that I have once suggested to them or agree with the opinion that I have shares with them ages ago. At first I was like…wow… I did a poor job convincing them in the past… Just look at them now! They are now doing and think and act all the things that I have suggested to them in the past… Okay…

But what irk me when they start to suggest me to do the same thing that I have once suggest them to do… Like for example, your friend usually put two spoons of sugar in their coffee. And you suggest that she better take just one spoon to avoid diabetic problem in the future. Plus, the coffee won’t be tasted too sweet. Naturally, she became defensive and saying that she like her coffee that way. And offended as she feel she was not fat (from health suggestion could go over the board with weight problem) so she has nothing to worry about getting diabetic. OKAY… Right now, who knows she got her influence but good for her anyway. Then everyday she irks you by saying that you should take just one spoon of sugar to your coffee to keep the bitter taste and to avoid diabetic. Will you be looking at her thinking whether is this a payback time or she just want to joke around by imitating you? Or she simply feel overwhelmed by this new (BUT OLD) information and therefore try to share the same feeling but fail to notice that you have done that ages ago? HELLO?

I really wish to say in front of their faces some thing like, “I do not want to gloat but do you even remember that I AM THE ONE who ADVICE you to do this in the first place? Do you? Do You? DO YOU?”

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