Mistakes are expensive

I once write that sometimes in the journey of our life we can’t help to make mistake… Because by being afraid of doing something wrong we would be so hesitate in every action or decision that we have to take… What if I do it this way, what kind of consequences I have to deal with? But if I do it that way, can I handle the consequences that probably more severe than the other decision? Should I be doing this or that? But what if I made mistake and none of the actions is the right decision? Maybe I should not decide anything and just not doing anything at all… 

We all probably wondered why our senior at work or our parents or elderly gives us so many warnings almost about everything. Let us just say that you are teenager in love with someone from your class. Your parents sense something wrong with your-so-called-soul-mate and therefore forbid you to keep the relationship… They give you advice from the nicest way to the hardest way…as they want you to understand the consequences. If you are a boy, then imagine that you have to drop everything to get a job in order to make a living for the coming baby… If you are a girl, then you have to prepare to skip hang out time with your friends as your time will be used to take care of the newborn baby… Though both families support the two of you all the way, but still once a while they will keep on reminding you… IF ONLY YOU HAVE LISTENED TO ME…

You are going to join in a business agreement with your trusted friend…and therefore give everything that you have to make it happen… Obviously, both of you have discussed the revenue from the investment within certain period. However, not only that you did not get the revenue you are also loosing your money! You can only blame yourself for making mistake by trusting your friend too much and it has cost your dearly. Of course after that you become more careful and not just trusted anyone with your money anymore. But, the damage has been done in the previous event.

In our journey in this world, naturally we all make mistakes along the way. We can not always make the right decision. However, there is nothing wrong in considering advice and input from people. Probably looking at the consequences will able to help us to realize what our life will be if we do this or do that. Sometimes we have to pay high price for every mistake that we make. Sometimes we are able to get it by and move on but there will be moment that we are unable to do that…as the price is too high…
5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Betul bgt, tp itulah hidup..sera-nita

  2. yah, setiap kesalahan yg kita buat pasti ada harganya. semakin mahal harganya biasanya semakin baik bagi kita karena kita jadi mendapatkan pengalaman yg pahit tapi berharga.

  3. bridge Says:

    @sera-nita betul banget
    @Sang cerpenis
    memang sih... Yang mahal harganya itu biasanya akan menohok abis2an dan pasti jadi pengingat agar tidak mengulang hal yang sama

  4. jagoanmertua Says:

    nice posting...

    semoga kita bisa belajar dari kesalahan kesalahan yang pernah kita buat...

  5. bridge Says:

    kadang biar udah belajar masih sering bikin lagi kok :D

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