One time at a time

My Dad jokes with me about my writing on the magazine the other day. He asked whether I have written many articles or at least a book.

Embarrassedly, I admitted to him that I have not written another article or even for a book. I am still working on it until now. And feel that I have reached this so-called writer’s block. Only it has taken longer times than I have expected. And that drive me a bit frustrated. I also told him about my manuscript that has been rejected for the third time by publisher.

Then my Dad said to me that it does not matter about me still stuck here or got rejected few times. He said that it would be better that way. I have to go through the process one step at a time. Maybe through rejections, getting nowhere in my writing as I have run out of ideas, getting small payment for my creation.

“All of that processes are necessary for you… I would rather you went through many difficulties at first then enjoy your success later, “ said my father to me.

According to my Dad, often people do not appreciate what they have if they are able to have it in such a short time. He is probably right. I have seen so many people easily get important position and they think that life has been great for them and there are no such things as difficulties and problems. They tends to look down on other people around them who already been in that place for a long time but still have the same position.

I also remember when I was younger in high school. My parents always say to me that if I want that new walkman (well, sorry… We did not have technologies such as IPOD in the 80’s) then I have to study hard for my exams… Before I get good grades, my parents would never give anything that I want just like that. If you think that it was sounds like a bribe…well, let’s think positive. At least I studied harder in order to get what I want… The good grades, mind you ;) Walkman is just a bonus.
Imagine if my parents just gave it to me that walkman… I would probably have lost it, or tossed it, or lend it or even accidentally destroyed it. Why? There is no attachment to it as I got it so easily. So, I lack of appreciation to it as I would think…why bother? I would just get another one within seconds.

Plus, because I am getting it so easy…I never think of any chance that I might not going to get it another time… So, when I lost what is currently mine…I am also falling to a condition that makes me unable to get it again… Will I be able to recover and struggle to get it again? Maybe I can. But the hurt of falling down from higher place is more painful and I might get desperate…

“Better you climbing one step at a time to get to the top rather than you find a way to the top sooner but then you fall down really fast afterwards… The higher you fall it will be a lot harder for you to climb back..”

Oh well, but I do really need to remind myself to not get stuck in the middle of my climbing process… Wish me luck all ;)
4 Responses
  1. So, when are you gonna publish your first book, eh?

  2. bridge Says:

    hehehe, if you noticed, I am still stuck in the climbing process.... SIGHED... I sort of loosing mood and ideas... I only manage to come up with ideas for this blog as I promise to brainstorming myself by writing daily
    I think it will be good for me if only I have ideas to write more articles.... *MERATAP*

  3. Indah Says:

    Postingan ini kalo mo dikembangin juga bisa dijadiin artikel, Rii ;)

  4. bridge Says:

    ngembanginnya itu yg mumet

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