I have been following this news about this conflict between a certain ethnic group with local people about building a place to pray. From what I have been reading, the ethnic group claims that they have been trying to get permit to build their church. But the permission never been given or in other word they feel they were given hard times in getting that permit. While the local community said that the ethnic group do not have good intention and

As I do not know what is really going on there, I would like to comment on both parties…

First for the local community who seems do not think that the ethnic group will bring any good to their community. Well, I think everything can be talked about in peacefully. If you do not think you have the ability to stay clam and clear head then bring a mediator from the government. Isn’t that what they should be doing? To bring peace for their citizen so everybody can live side by side in harmony no matter what the differences? As we all know only too well how easy to bad people provoke us to do violence things which we all going to regret afterwards… As when emotion took control everything will be clouded and blurry… Yup, sure…is easier to be talked rather than done… I know… Not an easy thing to do… Especially when we have seen, heard, thought and judged them.

For that ethnic group…if the local community seems does not accept your presence and the rejection has escalated into violence act…maybe there is nothing wrong to just SIMPLY MOVE? You know, conceding does not mean you loose… Beside what is to loose for? What is the reason you come together and pray? To have a peaceful moment with our CREATOR above, right? I do not think that the situation is similar with the ancient time when people have to hide and run in the mountain to practice their belief. So, seriously…is only a place… Just move to another place and find peace for heaven sake!

Then again, is just me talking…and wishing that may peace always be with us all 
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