Playing with words

I am really in a bad mood right now, so I will try (again and again) to talk about something positive…

Hmmm, where to start… How about playing with words? Words combining together can motivate us to feel good about ourselves or provoke us to feel bad and nothing good ever come.

If you hear the word “Fall”, what is the first thing come to your mind? Something that sounds negative? Like:
“Oh, that kid fall from his chair…! He is going to hurt himself !”
“There is no way anybody survives from that fall…”
“The price has fallen down for these couples of days… His business face gloomy future because of that…”
“She is so fall apart from that unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend”
“They are fall behind the schedule and that will give bad impression to the customer”

And the list can keep on going and going…

But when you heard this sentence, “I can’t forget him; I think I am FALLING in LOVE with him…”
If you hear that sentence, what would you think? A happy feeling totally expressed from that sentence, right? You need no more explanation that the person who said that is having this wonderful feeling about someone.

Maybe all we need is to open our eyes to be able to see something good from all the worst things in this world… That no matter how bad the situation is, if we look hard enough then we will able to see that there will something good coming out from all this mess…

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