Does rules made to be broken?

Well, probably that’s not the first intention when people break the rule… There are various reasons though…

My friend once told me how her parents forbid her to play with matches as they worry she may set the house on fire. She did not understand at first and since she was still a kid she played with it anyway. Not to worry, she does not burn the house. However, she hurt her hands while playing with fire. You do remember how beautiful that faint light given from the matches… And we have this urge just to touch it with our hands… Not to mention that we are wondering why can’t we play with this beautiful thing who only able to light for a few seconds? Of course after hurt her hand, it was enough for her not to disobey her parents warning anymore. I mean anything related with matches and fire.

On public places like mall, nowadays we see many signs near a chair or toilets or rooms that especially being provided for people who have disability or mothers with infants. Inside that room, mothers will be able to breastfeeding their infants without being looked at by other people. Note: If you wonder why people still glaring to mothers who busy breastfeeding…do not ask me.
Toilets for people with wheelchairs are created with bigger space. The big space is enough to put two people inside along with the wheelchairs.
There are corners near the restrooms provided to mothers who probably wish to change diapers of their infants or just sit down there to wait for others from restroom.

Usually, people probably would not enter rooms for mothers…but for the other two…don’t say to me that you have not even once used them though you have no infants or disability.

I admit, sometimes I just went it to the toilets with bigger space because I can’t hold it much longer… And the cleaning lady inside did nothing to prevent me as there is no other people that will use it anyway at that time… Oh, yes sometimes they will ask you nicely not to use it. I once saw a teen just sat in a chair for mothers with infants at the mall. One of the cleaning ladies politely asked her to get up as this chair is not meant for her.

Other reasons for breaking rules? Plenty. Probably we are in a hurry and decide to take a short cut even if we know is breaking the law. Or we wear a very short skirt to school though our headmaster forbidden us to do that. If we can get away with it, we can show it to other people…feeling proud that there was no punishment laid upon us for breaking the rule… As if we are brave to do that and nothing can stop us. Maybe next time we will do it again and escalate the risk of getting catch in the act. Just for the fun of it.

Then again, sometimes certain rules were made long time ago. And those rules are not adequate with current situation. Eventually, people will break them before finally revised adjusting with nowadays situation. So, I suppose breaking the rules does not mean bad all the times…, right? J
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