Talking craps

My friend told me about someone that she know from her community. This person always loves to brag almost about everything… Like for example, she was bragging about her new job in state department… Though she was only a temporary staff but she got nice salary and can go to the office whenever she please… Naturally, my friend does not believe that…

“It was like she was saying she has been to the moon recently with a travel agent..., “ my friend said.
“Then why didn’t you say anything to counter her story?” I asked my friend curiously.
“Why? I have already known she was full of craps… Trying to counter her story would lead so many things… She would scream, make a scene, yelling me that I am jealous at her…”
“Someone has countered her story before?” I can’t help grinning widely.
“Yeah… It went ugly… She then talked gibberish… Denied everything… The sad thing is we are the one who embarrassed by her while she acted as if we are the crazy one…” 

From time to time, we meet these kind of people… Perhaps they get used to lie to other people who do not understand the real situation. And because it has become sort of a habit, that person carried it away to everywhere they goes… Unfortunately for these people, there are other communities who know that all those big talks are just crap. Fortunately for these kind of people, those who know about those crap they were talking about are too polite to counter their story… Knowing that these people will make a scene and will not feel embarrass about it. It feels that we are the one who is going to be suck to their game…and choose not to involve with it… Unless our own families are involved with it naturally we feel that itchy feeling to just open the hoax and bragging stories right away…

I still have no idea to handle these kind of people in the most open way… Any suggestions? Or just keep quiet is more than enough for the healthy soul? 
2 Responses
  1. Some people prefer to brag. Bragging makes them feel better though we probably don't think so. As long as it doesn't annoy us, just let them be that way. :-)

  2. bridge Says:

    There is this itching feeling inside me to tell another person that it is only an empty brag :D
    I sometimes think, does these kind of people consider me as an idiot? ;)

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