Some of us seem have no control whatsoever on our own temptation.

Like for example, my Mom has kidney problem related to her diabetic illness. The doctor strongly prohibits her to eat anything contain SANTAN (milk squeezed from coconut…totally good for meal but eating excessively will do no good to your health)…

Unfortunately, she totally loves that kind of meal…and so many other Indonesians. I remembered when my Mom was still in the hospital and the patient beside my Mom was a lady who has a stroke for years. One day while giving that lady a bath, the nurses asked someone from the family about her eating habits previously.
“Your mother must like eating with santan very much, right?” asked one of the nurses. “You do realize that eating with it too much will damage your health eventually” 
“Well, what can we say, “answered one of the family. “Santan taste good…”
“Yeah, and being sick like this is worth it…, “ the nurse answered back sarcastically.

I know is different when we decided that we do not want to eat certain food or meals with being prohibited by doctors due to health problem. Even if life is the stake in this matter, sometimes we try to live in denial thinking that if only we take a small bite…it will do no harm to us. What is wrong with just a bite? And if that small bite did not kill us…, we would want another and another…

 I find myself so hard to part with chocolates and ice cream. Well, thanks God up to now I still have no health problem (and may God forbid all those health problems related with chocolates!) and wish to stay that way… But whenever I try to make a promise that I would not eat chocolate for a week…usually I give in on the third day… The temptation is so strong…as if I am going to choke myself for not having a chocolate for a day! Ridiculous, right? And after eating that, yeah sure I feel happy but the regret is bigger than the excitement when I chewed the chocolate…

I suppose when we were told not to, our brain processing it to the other way… Though without being reminded over and over again that we should not consume certain meals…we know the danger… And yet, we feel that desire to keep on eating it…against other people’s warning… The more people told us not to, the more we feel something pushing us to do the other way around…

Well, I have no idea to advise other people how to resist their temptation. I only know too well that I am no good with it either. I guess, we have to make a list of the terrible things that would happen if we fall into temptation and bring it all around us daily. Every time we consider of doing it, just open the list and learn what risk we takes and whether the risk is really worth it. After all, we are not the only one who is going to suffer but other people may get affected as well… 
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  1. o Says:

    chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is waaaaaay much better than santan ;)

    so keep eating dark chocolate (70% cocoa like i gave u once), also good with fruit or nuts inside. they all provide good type of fat (that needs calorie to burn) and good antioxidant :)

    ice cream is only good if it's not sweet (a little sugar) and made of skim milk (non-fat milk) or just crushed softened ice. definitely no "es puter" coz it's made of santan ;) [sugar is empty calorie that will pile up as fat in the body]

    hope you can adjust your temptation into the food that still keep you healthy :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Betul, dr pengalamanku lbh baik jalanin aja sambil tetap ingat resiko kalo makan sembarangan....lbh efektif drpd janji2 pd diri sendiri....seranita

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