I once read about a husband who always beat up his wife, for as long as they are married…and finally the wife asked for a divorce. I talked about this with my friends… The usual:  whose fault is that?

My friend did not believe that the husband is totally responsible for everything that has happened.

“But he was the one who hit his wife, “ I told my friend. “Naturally, it was his fault that their marriage ended…”

“I still do not believe that the wife did not do anything wrong…, “my friend still insisted. “I am sure she also responsible for provoking her husband…”

Then she told me that we have to see from both sides of the story… We never know whether the wife is totally innocent… Or she probably provoking it by saying something offending her husband, or did not respect her husband, or she did not satisfy with her husband’s salary and demand more for their life…, etc…

“That might be true, but still he should not hit her , “I stick to my opinion..

My friend agreed, “Yeah, agree to that… Violence, no matter the reason behind it…will never make it right…”

Oh dear… This once again another proof that ability to control your emotion is really important… Do you remember when that famous soccer player hit another player? He said this player provoke him to do so as he said very insulting words to him. And we all know, that people were like… was it true he assault the other player due to the provoke words? People only saw the violence that has been done as emotion took over the heart then the head… The one who do the violence action will be blamed no matter what the reasons behind it

I know how hard it is to control emotion… Especially when something provoke us… Maybe people said something terrible about us right in front of our face… Or someone keep on taunting us… From boiling emotion turn into anger then we do something more terrible… It will only take a few seconds but the result probably for eternity… And after that regrets will be the only thing we feel…

Violence never give us anything but regrets….
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