Ways with secrets

My friend and I were discussing about secrets that people keep in their life.

According to my friend, some people consider sharing a secret as a therapy or as a tool to get attention and compassion from other people. Like for example, her maid always sharing to anyone that she met about the infidelity of her husband. Or how her children seem to forget about her in her old age, which is why she has to work to earn a living. Or about her in laws who always asking for money and stuffs… When my friend thinks that she has too much information from her maid, she decided to ask. And her maid simply answered that by telling all those stories over and over again, she felt something lifted from her chest. And she wants anyone to feel sorry to hear her story and willing to help her walk out from her misery. Huh? Oookaaay…

While my friend said she does not feel comfortable in telling all her darkest secrets even to me… According to her, she once tell everything to a person she considered as a best friend ever. One day, they have some kind of misunderstanding and her best friend turn into her worst foe. All the secrets that she has shares were suddenly spreading to their community. After that, my friend always careful not to spill anything that she considered a bit touchy topic.
“Beside, I do not need sympathy and pity from other people by telling them my misfortunate or bad luck… How will I know that they will not do the other way around? Like mocking me behind my back or worst… Going to spread it to more people?”

I suppose every people have their own way in dealing with their problems. Some people may feel that by talking about it over and over again could be such a therapy for them. Maybe they keep on and on needing comfort from other people. Others might think that their misfortunate or problem as something that they should hide from other people. They do not want other people to know that they actually have heavy burden on their mind and just want to give different impression. Or have a lot to consider about having the problem being opened to other people… Like perhaps their family will receive direct impact from the exposure or so on. The rest just considered their problem as something private and do not feel the need to broadcast to the whole universe because they are unsure how other people will react. They could get the help that they need or perhaps just a sneer behind their back. Behaving like this, they will consider other people who story telling too much is a bit absurd as they do not need too much information. 

Me? I am in the middle… I like to talk over and over about it but usually on my blog. I do not think that other people will have the mood to listen my grumbling for days… And it usually takes me weeks before I manage to calm down. Plus, sometimes I think no matter how much help other people can give to us, the only person who can help us to get out from our own problem is our self. 
2 Responses
  1. akku sih liat2 keadaan juga. liat masalahnya apa. kadang juga curhat di blog asal bukan hal yg privacy banget.

  2. bridge Says:

    kalaupun mau hal yg privacy, paling gue rubah2 dikiiiittt

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