You can't please everybody

I am a huge fans of Harry Potter the series and therefore can't really able to imagine that there are people who dislike the story...

But then again, this is also a lesson to me that we can not do anything just to please everybody... I mean, you can not expect that what you have said or written or done will get approval from everybody that knows you or people who read your writings. But why? Why can't we have everybody to be pleased with us?

Well, imagine you are on your way to another city with your family... You are the one who is driving the car. Then trying to light up the atmosphere you started to ask which road that you should take to go to the destination. Your parents wish to go through the highway in order to reach the destination as soon as possible but still able to stop to rest at rest points. Your sister on the other hand wish to go through the south as there will be sceneries for her to see. Your cousin wish to go through the mountain so all of you can feel the fresh air... Now, you are torn inside. You agree with your parents as you are the one who driving and wish to arrive at your destination sooner... But, what the other will feel when you decide to go with your parent's suggestion? Or perhaps you have your own idea that you prefer to just go through the highway with no stop at all...

Eventually, what ever decision you will take, it can't please everybody... I suppose when you are trying to please everybody you will loose your personality in every decision that you make... Sometimes we still find it hard to acknowledge that people are different. They look the same thing at different point of view, they have their own expectation from the same situation... Some might agree with us and maybe more who not... If we have to think about those who disagree all the time we probably not going to make or decide anything in our life...

Again, I know is easy to be said rather than done... And yes the reason I made this posting so me, myself can learn not to think that everybody is agree with me and therefore I can not please everybody...
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  1. Should pick one person to be pleased. Make sure that the person is the most important for us. So if we can't please everybody, at least we still can please the most VIP.

  2. o Says:

    more importantly: please yourself!
    have you thought of driving to the south is too much wind, or driving on the mountains is too much hills, and the highway is the easiest for your tiredness? :)

    life is too short not to please yourself..
    in our culture, we're taught too much to please our parents, thus when we grow up we get used to please other people.. not ourselves..

    (ps: ask god for guidance, and focus on pleasing yourself. only those that god sends for you will be pleased by your decision)

  3. tapi terkadang dalam hidup ini,mau gakmau kita harus melakukan hal yg menyenangkan orang lain ya? Terutama orang tua kita. Walaupun kita nggak suka tapi demi mereka kita harus lakukan.

  4. bridge Says:

    Dear all,
    Various responses.... Love them :) Thanks for the insights ^__^

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