Since I have no idea what to write related to this date : 10.10.10, I took this writing prompt from Nablopomo 

Where were you and what were you doing ten years ago?


Although I have no idea what exactly I was doing on 10th October 2000…I am positively sure that I was still here in Jakarta, Indonesia and do whatever I used to do daily.

I looked at the calendar on my Blackberry and 10th October was on Tuesday, so obviously I was just doing my routines.

They are waking up in the morning… Taking times to have a shower with hot boiling water… Then, I ate my breakfast which still contains rice with scramble eggs. Yeah, I know…I am eating my breakfast with menu for lunch! No wonder I was having stomached not long after breakfast. And eventually I was late in catching up with the bus. But thanks God the traffic was not as crazy as nowadays. So, I was able to be in the office 5 minutes before my working time started. The rest, well you know… Working in the office until God’s knows when… I could do over time or the other way around. But my guess, it was the most lovable time as I always working and going home on time. Life was good at that time (sure, I was still below 30…)

That time I was just enjoying the first year of me being promoted to permanent staff. Yup, I was promoted around September 1999 after working my ass off for 2,5 years. I was making decision to myself that if I did not get the promotion then it is time to move on. Which in the end, I got the promotion and up to now I am still wondering was that a blessing or “blessing” in disguise? Hahahah…okay, enough said. There is no point in looking back and pondering what would have happened to me if I take that job? Or would it kills me if I just quit at that time and being unemployed for several months just to get another job? See? I could never stop thinking about it… heheheh

In the year 2000, I think (if I was not mistaken) that was the first time I took my parents on a trip to other city. I decided that as being thankful for the promotion I wanted to take them to visit my grandparent’s graves. Of course in the end, my Dad took part in financing the trip as well. But he and my Mom were really happy that it has crossed my mind to take them on a trip. We went to East Java using train and arrived in Malang, as the graveyards located there. No fancy hotel or restaurants as I could not afford it. But, we really were enjoying the time to stroll the city. I remembered that we complained about how the weather not being cool anymore.

Looking back now… my goodness… How times flew me by so fast and I still have not doing anything worthwhile…

Luckily I have not started online diary in the year 2000 otherwise I would be more depressed to read how fast years passing me by…and still stuck in the same place…
2 Responses
  1. Indah Says:

    Waahh.. masih inget aja yaa 10 tahun yang lalu ngapain, eh btw, elo udah pernah ke Malang toh? Enak ngga di sanaa?

  2. bridge Says:

    kan udah gue bilang, itu setaun setelah gue jadi permanent staff... And gue inget abis setaun jadi staff gue bawa ortu jalan2 :D Malang bagusss... kangen pengen kesana lagi

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