Wow… what an interesting date! I think it is more or less similar with the previous date : 10.10.2010 ….

But what did I hear from the news yesterday? Yup, today there will be massive demonstration about a year from our President and his VP being elected and sworn to lead this country. Many people said that they were not satisfy with the current government.

CURRENT GOVERNMENT? Seriously? Just currently? Not ever since long ago or previous era?

It is still very clear on my mind and I am dead sure that so many people still remember the dark 12th May 1998 when riots spread out across Jakarta and soon to other cities though not as worst as in the capital city. Students went on huge rally to protest the government… But it turn ugly when there were shooting and few students passed away because of that. People were angry and start to cause riots everywhere. It did not take long before the looting process turn into attacking certain ethnics. Many of them suffered countless beating and tortures. Within hours many of Indonesian fled the country bring only whatever on their body. Other people scare to go out and many communities started to work together to defense their homes. We were worried that there might be looters who would seek and destroy anything that passed in front of them. I barricaded our home with whatever I could think of. I refused to go to the office as at that time…who cares about me not being promoted to permanent staff? I prefer to be at home with my family at the time like this. Meanwhile my Dad and my Uncle were at another house. Also keep on guarding from whatever might happen.
People who still went to work have to walk miles away because only few public transportation willing to operate on that time. It was creepy. Even after few days the government able to take controls the situation I still gaped at army tank passing on the main street.

That is why people especially those who has to leave their loves one to go to work or find a living…naturally would feel anxious every time we heard…, “Hey, there will be demonstration over here…”, “Watch it, I heard there will be massive rally to celebrate the Labour Day” and so on… Every time we heard the word “RALLY”, “DEMONSTRATION” our mind will flashes back to the year 1998 when peace demonstration turn ugly and almost destroy every living soul in Jakarta.

Other things that we are worry about was heavy traffic jam caused by the demonstration. Sure, they always finished the rally or demonstration before working hour in the office is over. But then, the traffic jam already happening since they start the demonstration and it will keep on going until late at night. Especially if the so-called peace demonstration turns into angry mob and destroy public facilities. The destroyed facilities scattered on the street and eventually policemen have to be on the street to ensure other people could pass the street safely.

So, forgive me if I am totally NOT SUPPORTING any kind of rallies or demonstration even though they sent our concern of whatever going on right now in this country. Corruption, poverty, natural disaster, education, health, works opportunities and so on.

I just hope that later I will not have to hear that something bad has happened.

Let us all pray that today is going to be another fine day…
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