Aging Process no 1

Yesterday I decided to use my spare time to explore this new mall. Yeah, I know from no mall at all now Jakarta has successfully become the town of Malls. Every corner your eyes look, you will this mall, that mall, interesting mall, big mall, little mall, boring mall…and so many malls.

Anyway, there I went… Oh, well one of the reasons I want to go and have a look is because that mall located near other mall. So, I can just be a rat mall who will move to another mall if I find this new one not as per I expected. Plus, I can go there by using public transportation. Or at least that’s what I thought.

When I get off the bus at the bus stop (supposedly) near the new mall, I was stunned. It turn out, the mall is not that near with the bus stop. But, I was in high spirit. I thought, come on. Do not be lazy. Just think of it as an exercise. Walking under the blazing sun and pile of dust would be good for my health and especially for the skin. So, ignoring the heat I kept on walking and walking…and start to think…where is the entrance? Is it still far away? Gosh, this mall is totally dedicated to people who bring their own vehicle. But, I still keep on going and finally after sweating all over there I find the entrance.

Since I have already walked miles away (okay, I am a bit exaggerating)…I decided to just asked the information staff. I need to find the location of ATM and the staff informed me that I need to go down to floor using the nearest escalator and find CARREFOUR. The ATM that I was looking far located not far from CARREFOUR. Okay. So, there I went down two floors. Found the CARREFOUR after walking a bit (again). But, I did not see any ATM and start to feel so tired and irritated. I asked a security guard who inform me which way I should take. I have to admire them. He and the information staff able to memorize everything therefore they are able to help whiny customer like me. And you know what, I still need to walk far from CARREFOUR before finally locate the ATM. And the location does not contain several ATM from various banks; only one bank. I thought that surely the end of my exploring journey. I immediately went up using the nearest escalator and have no idea where I was end up. Luckily for me there was a taxi waiting so I called the driver and asked to go to the other mall.

Now at home, come to think about it…I suddenly realized something. I must be getting OLD for loose interest to stroll at new place. Or perhaps I just know that is merely the same. All vendors are the same. It is just another same place with new environment. In the end, I surely heck going to be back at the usual malls I hang out with.

I think I start to understand why my Mom never likes going to shop groceries at new stores. As it means she has to learn the new place. Where the store put all the milk, or kitchen ware… While at the usual place, she has memorized where she should go to get all the things she need. Yeah, welcome to era of too lazy to use my feet to walking wondrously to the unknown. 
6 Responses
  1. BabyBeluga Says:

    I never enjoy wandering around, I always stick to the malls, grocery stores and even the gas stations I go to.

  2. bridge Says:

    I like wandering around in the much younger days (LOL)
    not now, though...

  3. Indah Says:

    Hahahaha.. jadi kapok nih pergi ke sana? :p

  4. bridge Says:

    absolutely KAPOK...

  5. Dea Says:

    Jakarta... I nvr be there B4..
    I was..but just passby
    May I be ur guest someday, bridge?? :)

  6. bridge Says:

    I will looking forward to that :)

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