Be the first...

Why people want to be first...

1. At the queue
Especially if is a very long nasty queuing with people ready to kill to be the first. If you are the first then you will get to be served first, you will get the chance to be the first person who enter a show or even public transportation. And more over get the chance to choose the best seat.

2. to bark
When you barked first at other people, you will have disadvantage to surprise other people. Once they caught off guard, you will be easy to terorize them first as they have not yet recovered from their shock.
Naturally, this can only happen if your opponent is much smaller than you... Sorry, size does matter

3. In dispute.
 People tends to just go along with people who tell the story first. As the other people who receive this information will think that the first party who tell the story has nothing to be lied about. Therefore they speak up first to clear up the matter. If you are guilty then probably you have to rack your brain to come up with good excuse. Though, this is not always sometimes if you are guilty then you would want to spread the information first to influence other people

4. To be mean
These people probably have gone through hard time in their life. They probably cheated by people their trusted, stab in the back by their own the end they decided they have to be mean and cruel first to others. They will take whatever precautions to avoid getting hurt by other people.

and people want to be first...

5. To greet other people
I like to greet people first because that was my way to breaking the ice...and hopefully after that we can start conversation with cheerful atmosphere:)
Well, according my parents if you do not greet first to the elderlies that you are totally have low grade manner :D

6. To be nice
If you have already been nice to is very rarely people still want to do bad things to you... Not because you want to be remembered as do-goody-kind of person...but you just can't stand to see other people in trouble... :)
Beside, usually after being nice to has that contagious effect:)
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  1. hmmm..jadilah yg pertama utk hal2 yg baik saja ya.

  2. bridge Says:

    maunya sih gitu :)

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